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The New York Bank Hoard: Morgan Dollars locked away for over 50 years!

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These ancient Medusa coins were carried for protection over 2,000 years ago

Hand-struck Ancient Greek Silver Drachms!

First known depictions of Medusa, the Greek Gorgon

Over 2,000-Year-Old Coin of Protection
These Ancient Greek Drachms, struck between the fifth and fourth century, B.C. in the prosperous trading city of Apollonia Pontica, represent years of rich history and culture. Struck by hand, each coin features one of, if not the first, depiction of a modern anchor in ancient Greek art on the reverse. More incredibly, the obverse features one of the first known depictions of Medusa, the infamous Greek Gorgon! These hideous sisters, Stheno, Euryale and the notorious Medusa, were said to be capable of turning enemies to stone with a single glance. So powerful were these myths, the Ancient Greeks would carry these coins featuring a Gorgon as a form of protection.

Hand Made, One Coin at a Time
The artisan would insert the obverse die into a hole in the anvil and place 1.5-3 grams of .95 fine ancient silver on top of that die. Then, while holding the reverse die on top of the silver, he’d bring down a hammer with powerful force. Two strikes of the hammer were usually enough to result in amazing art, struck into the surfaces of the silver. It is because of this method, each coin is unique.

Own a Piece of Ancient Art
These drachms have been graded by NGC Ancients as either Choice Very Fine (Ch.VF) or, the almost unbelievable grade, of About Uncirculated (AU). Your coin will come encapsulated in the sonically sealed NGC holder, designed for long-term protection and storage of these ancient treasures.

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Surrounded by scandal – Sacagawea Error Dollars can be yours!

2009 Native American Dollars with Missing Edge Lettering

Hand-signed by 38th U.S. Mint Director, Edmond C. Moy

The Crime that Created a “Mint Error” 

Starting with the 2009 issue of the Sacagawea Native American Dollars, the U.S. Mint moved the date, mint mark and legend, “E Pluribus Unum,” from the obverse and reverse to the edge of the coin. During this transition, a U.S. Mint police officer targeted Native American Dollars that had not gone through the production process of inscribing the edge lettering. His plan was to personally sell these “mint error” coins that were considered to be more valuable by collectors. For five years he quietly tucked away these unfinished coins until he got caught. He did pay restitution.

Never to be Struck Again

The U.S. Mint has completed its production of all Native American Dollars so there will be no more chances for Missing Edge Lettering Native American Dollars to be produced! We recently secured a small number of Native American Dollars that include coins originally stolen from the Mint in addition to coins that slipped through quality control – all missing their edge lettering! These coins have been certified by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as being in Mint State 67 or Mint State 66 condition.

MCM Exclusive Label

Each PCGS label features a hand-signed signature of the 38th Director of the U.S. Mint, Edmund C. Moy. Moy was the U.S. Mint Director from 2006-2011 and oversaw the release of this Native American Dollars.

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