How to avoid counterfeit coins and bars

With the launch of our official eBay Shop, here’s some timely advice on ways to stay clear of buying fake coins as well as

bars. At The Perth Mint we don’t like reading about buyers and also collection agencies who have unknowingly purchased phony coins and also bars. While you are safe acquiring direct from us and any one of our main suppliers, we comprehend that the coin accumulating community likewise enjoys to deal amongst each other.

Regrettably, increasingly advanced copycats are attempting to spoil your day! Regardless of’s guidelines and also policies restricting the listing of reproductions, counterfeit products or unauthorised duplicates, just regarding every significant maker as well as reputable brand worldwide has actually had several of its items copied and sold!


As an action of the issue, also individuals experienced in gold and silver have actually been recognized to

be captured out by such rip-offs. They then have to go through the rigmarole of declaring their cash back, a hassle which once outside the refund target date could verify discouraging. One savvy and also enthusiastic eBay purchaser lately revealed us examples of two fake produced bars he would certainly succumbed to, although the seller had superb feedback ratings. Thankfully he had a market contact with an XRF steel analyser and also remained in the routine of having everything he purchased instantly tested. But not everybody is lucky enough to have accessibility to such equipment when they require it!

To avoid the very sickly sensation of being duped, purchasers of gold as well as silver bullion should come to be as educated as possible about the threats. The adhering to understandings (which use similarly to acquiring from, pawn shops or that bloke in the pub!) combined with a preventive purchasing method based upon realistic principles will certainly help relieve you from any kind of irritating questions.

What goes to danger?

The trouble extends across the complete spectrum of bullion and numismatic products, consisting of actors (poured) bars, produced bars, in addition to gold as well as silver coins.

First of all, some great news! The web was abuzz recently with a terrifying tale regarding a cast gold bar which was located to contain poles of tungsten. It led to enormous quantities of guesswork regarding the number of similarly defaced bars could be out there. Actually, however, this unnerving episode was probably over sensationalised. In the lengthy encounter of senior team at The Perth Mint refinery, such fakes are in fact an uncommon event.

On the other hand, the customer who checked out the Mint recently said he believes there are large numbers of fake coins as well as minted bars available. While they frequently show up to look like the real point, generally these virtually useless rip-offs are absolutely nothing greater than tungsten, copper, lead, nickel or alloy plated in a simply a couple of microns of rare-earth element.

And hear this. The problem is probably getting even worse because of the availability of innovation that makes duplicating so simple. The canny counterfeiters could also be starting to target low mintage launches like some of our Australian Lunar coins in the expertise that they stand a much better chance of tempting a collector keen to finish a collection.

Some inform story indications

It’s now a lot more essential compared to ever to watch out for any tell-tale signs that will certainly suggest coins as well as bars provided for sale could be phonies. A listing significant ‘No Returns’ is an evident warning. But examine carefully that the product’s full specifications are consisted of. Authorities refiners and also makers advertise precise weights as well as measurements for their coins and bars and by changing silver or gold with base metal, counterfeiters are highly not likely to be able to match these requirements precisely.

When compared with an authentic bar of the same weight, our site visitor’s counterfeits looked great and also were accurate in both length as well as size. However they were way also thick because the lighter metal within– something that was not revealed by the photographs made use of in the advertisement. So if any of the specs are missing from a listing or wrong by even a single gram or millimeter, after that alleviate it with huge hesitation.

It’s actually evident that something is up when rates look substantially reduced. Silver and gold are products as well as could not, therefore, be gotten at a price cut. If you assume you have actually identified a deal or are supplied the offer of a life time, think again. If it looks also great to be real, it will be!

Know your seller

Allow’s be clear, enthusiasts and also financiers are probably to be revealed to the danger of fake coins as well as bars when getting from unidentified distributors. If you do not know them, why take the danger? Our site visitor reinforced this point absolutely when we asked just what advice he would certainly such as to provide others. Merely” don’t get on eBay if you do not know the dealer.”

In some cases you could have the ability to physically inspect them out by seeing the store as well as satisfying the owner. Maybe speak to some existing consumers as well. However if that’s difficult, allow government-owned mints such as us aid you out by describing their list of authorised resellers.

This truly is the principle for individuals on eBay distressed to prevent phonies. The Perth Mint publishes a checklist of respectable dealers on its internet site. Based throughout the globe, they have actually dealt with us for numerous years when selling on, can be counted upon to supply truthful and also ethical service. In Australia, purchasers can likewise be positive of taking care of participants of the Australian Numismatic Dealers Organization from whom you’re getting exactly what you spent for.

With a little study, you ought to be able to find comparable information from other world mints as well.


The Perth Mint Coin Collector

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For the second time in just over a week, the spot price of gold has broken $1,300. This time, however, it has spiked even higher! Check out some of the latest market headlines this week from investment and numismatic professionals:

Gold prices have soared after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union yesterday. Dubbed a “Brexit” – a play on words of the terms “Britain” and “exit” – this momentous shift is followed by a surge in metals prices.

With the market this active, it could be your time to stock up on gold. Make sure to secure the metals you need, in order to prepare for whatever twist the market might take. While the market is always uncertain, having a solid position in gold can make you feel a bit more secure.

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