$330,000 In Gold and Silver Coins – Friends Stack. | Silver Coins

$330,000 In Gold and Silver Coins – Friends Stack.

Very close friend of mine wanted to do a video on his STACK. Yeah, if I had his money I could probably burn mine. Keep stacking friends! Save, work hard, and…
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25 Responses to $330,000 In Gold and Silver Coins – Friends Stack.

  1. NarcoticsAnonymous4e says:

    i’ve been collecting for 40 years. if i had that little i’d shoot myself. working on my 2nd mil. at current melt. keep stacking guys. i’m leaving it all to my kids.

  2. Kal El says:

    I hope your doing ok knowing you’ve lost about 1/2 of that… I’m praying it will go back up.

  3. Elvis Florian says:

    Golds nice but I like silver more but great stacking

  4. nirvanboom says:

    Nice, I still have a long way to go 🙂

  5. vanityrose12 says:

    nothing wrong with that….and if along the way silver/gold reached a fair value you could always use “some” of it to make life better for you and your wife…..it’s flexible….i just don’t understand why so many people have a hard time getting this…..so the dollar price is down right now, but the price of all goods & services are up so it’s not like holding onto paper is saving anyone

  6. LAnonHubbard says:

    Awesome! Look at that quantity of gold!!

  7. TheStonedSensei says:

    “see the value in giving the next generation a head start.”
    Dude, that was beautifully put !! I have 2 kids and thats why i stack. Its not to get rich. Its for them. So that , hopefully they wont have to work there hands to the bone in the future. Some of us are more concerned for our childrens future than we are of our own. LOL im going broke and doing without so that my kids can benefit from my choices.

  8. TheStonedSensei says:

    Thats too bad cause it was worth nearly 500k at the end of 2012 before gold lost about 30% of its total value in 2013. Hope you can wait for the next big price.

  9. sid77777 says:

    ILL SELL MY GOLD AND SILVER within 5to10 years if the price is right. i would have given it to my kids but i never found a woman.

  10. shiftcon says:

    Try some lotion .

  11. reivanen says:

    I hope he has adequate security for such a stack. If any criminal gang get to know where that is, they will try to steal it. That amount pays for a pretty decent operation.

  12. serger2010 says:

    I’m glade you showed me I know where this guy lives!

  13. vanityrose12 says:

    damn right….it’s an ace in the hole

  14. WarriorsArchive says:

    I absolutely agree. If I need to cash in my stack later down the road, I will. If not, then I plan on passing down a fortune in precious metals to my kids.

  15. elyfield says:


  16. ZombiePrep236 says:

    Can i have one :)

  17. coins rus says:

    great looking collection only way my stack grows that big is as a lottery winner

  18. Edgar R says:

    He got his at the same time I got mines Lolz you just jerked yourself!!!!

  19. Gabriel Rodriguez says:



  20. Brooks Thornhill says:

    Impressive, but trading time for money is not the key to success. I get silver for free monthly and get paid for just telling others about it forever. Watch my channel video Junius

  21. harris martin says:

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  22. Sambuka Sam says:

    I just love monster boxes. Nice stack, in fact amazing stack.

  23. blisterpacman says:

    we allkn ow this is your collection

  24. blisterpacman says:

    i never saw a gold eagle

  25. doug smith says:

    200 oz gold holly shit! turn in all into silver make pallet silver

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