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Gold & Silver Coins Investment

Brief discussion on Gold and Silver coins as a viable investment. A must read: Article 1, Section 8:…
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14 Responses to Gold & Silver Coins Investment

  1. SilverTurtle65 says:


  2. racertodd says:

    Do not put your stuff in a safety deposit box when shit hits the fan they will keep it.

  3. davegadge1 says:

    Great video!

  4. akaratekid1 says:

    where do u get them

  5. Enul Solaris says:

    You are right tho!

  6. lowpross11 says:

    Healthy gold stack. I agree, having a percentage (pretty large % of my savings) in precious metals is very prudent in times like these..
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. botanyazad says:

    Is that real

  8. fountaincap says:

    Junius, about the generally acceptable premium you mentioned of “1%,” I’m guessing you meant to say 10%, right? ($10 premium on a $100 coin) I mean, if you know of a place that charges 1% over spot please tell me, lol!

  9. Junius Maltby says:

    Amen brother.

  10. Lasse Andersen says:

    I love to see other than myself having gold:D it’s good with some smart people out there!

  11. Junius Maltby says:

    For sure. If the bank “took” or “withheld” my gold………it would get real bad, real quick. You take $1 from me and I’ll cause $100 worth of damages. Get my point?

  12. hotneo7 says:

    Smart man. I would make friends with a female teller, they have ears to the door if you know what I mean. She can text you when there’s any internal talk about banks moving boxes/closing long before the local news reports on it, always be ahead of the mad crowd.

  13. Junius Maltby says:

    This bank is QUITE secure. At any sign of political anything, I can seize my gold from the bank. I don’t sell gold unless I need money, and so far my job takes care of that, so no selling needed. I only buy. No plans on selling for useless paper for a long long time. 

  14. hotneo7 says:

    By law banks cannot insure the contents of a safe deposit box so do you have additional insurance for it? The vaults could be searched by government without the need to notify owners. A youtube video shows a woman lost everything in the bank box.
    Do you think gold and silver needs to be sold at the peak of the mania or will the fiat collapse usher in a return to the gold standard and the value gets locked in? If so, then there won’t be a capital gains tax if you buy things with gold and silver?

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