How are Silver Coins Minted? | Silver Coins

How are Silver Coins Minted?

A behind the scenes look at how silver coins are struck. This special tour follows the process of minting a silver coin from raw silver to final strike. Film…
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25 Responses to How are Silver Coins Minted?


    Very interesting, Thank you..

  2. fUCkMyenimesX3 says:

    1:35 its John Lennon !! lol

  3. RevLiSdLloGmp says:

    A LOT of LABOR goes into it… I wonder how a 5oz or 10oz Bar is made…

  4. TheMrtaco6 says:

    just sell it on ebay no one buys stuff from youtube

  5. TheAlexagius says:

    how is this not fake? if that is the price of silver why would you sell it, unless it were fake?

  6. ranger1000 says:

    All that work and we can buy it for $28

  7. whotaughtyou says:


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  8. cooldog60 says:

    This place really looks outdated.

  9. goldsilverandiamonds says:

    And thats how you make REAL money!!!!!

  10. 500SilverCoins says:

    Great video and insight on how silver coins are minted. Subsrcribed

  11. Rick Zolar says:

    If anyone here is interested in buying a 1oz. Silver Eagle for $10 (postage paid), e-mail me : This is a promotional offer that only costs you $10 period! The current price of silver is about $32 per oz., so this is a great offer for you. Ask any questions and I will answer them. Thanks.

  12. javamanV3 says:

    Thanks for the education!

  13. Jayson Crandell says:

    Maybe you can not purchase these particular coins, but I did find silver coins and rounds that you can purchase on the NWTM website.

  14. UnknownEncryption says:

    silver has uses for industrial, medical, numismatics and more
    but im guessing that question was a joke

  15. cu29640 says:

    Wish they would leave the music off interesting videos such as this. The sounds of the minting factory would be much more appealing.

  16. Alexey K says:

    00:05 nice coins !

  17. MainOffenderKZ says:

    ahah same.

  18. Kaynos says:

    If i’d work in that factory i’d ask to be paid in Silver.

  19. cookiecrispfiend666 says:

    So what the hell do they do with them….eat them?

  20. bern bren says:

    if there not for sale what do they do with them

  21. Tommy Rad says:

    And that’s the reason were in the financial mess we are in. Paper money has NO value when not tethered to precious metals.

  22. sanpedrosilver says:

    What are done with them if they are not for sale? Thanks..

  23. izzie833 says:

    Does anybody know the average cost of these coins..
    1795, 1796,1799,1873 silver coins

  24. ezHealthyDiet says:

    Pretty cool to see how silver coins are made. It’s a pretty labor intensive process.

  25. HanStanwell says:

    so it’s a mexican company with american workers? that’s backwords lol

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