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The Value of Silver Coins

The Value of Silver Coins For More Information on The Value of Silver Coins. has over 30 years experience in selling silver coins and b…
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25 Responses to The Value of Silver Coins

  1. Ben Wherlock says:

    Good info about callings, I mean coins.

  2. harris martin says:

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  4. Brooks Thornhill says:

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  5. hydrodrop says:

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  7. strattuner says:

    making money out of a precious metal is just logical,keeps all thieves out of it,you either own it or you don’t,paper is portable,and it needs metals backing also,keeps thieves out of it,they asked john dillinger why he robbed banks, he said that’s where they keep all the money,he was half right,BERNANKE HAS THE PRINTING PRESS OF THE WORLD AND NOBODY CARES,OTHERWISE SOMEONE WOULD BE JAILED,ARTIFICIAL MAN ARTIFICIAL MONEY ARTIFICIALWORLD,ARTIFICIAL GOVERNMENT our children are watching this folly

  8. Silver Destiny says:

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  9. buysilvercoins1 says:

    I love silver coins and love to collect them and even better than that they will make you money!

  10. la19881 says:

    Your right, but there is 1 full troy oz of silver in the Eagles, just like the Maples. The Maples weigh 31.1, the Eagles weigh more because of the copper in it. So why wouldn’t you buy it?

  11. marvelousmarv89 says:

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  12. Silver4Free says:

    Great Video. If anyone wants to accumulate silver for less than spot price, try SilverSnowBallClub

  13. papercoinagevideo says:

    Beautiful silver coins and thanks for the information about silver coins.

  14. OnSafari247 says:

    You mean…..99.9% for the eagle and 99.99% for the leaf.

  15. WOOWACK10 says:


  16. MrLivePositive8 says:

    American Silver Eagle: 99.99%

    Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: 99.999%

    Maples have a bit more purity.

  17. yi xiong says:

    those who research about american silver eagles will not buy it… it is NOT pure 999 silver. Maples are pure 999 silver.

  18. RavenSeventy8 says:

    Great info!

  19. Brickboyn13 says:

    very helpful, I’m new at collecting coins, thanks

  20. adrain meece says:

    6 i got a certified peace dollar 1923 and 5 half dollars from 1950s

  21. ZombiePrep236 says:

    how many u got?

  22. adrain meece says:

    I got silver cions im tryen sell

  23. bc5620 says:

    Chinese yuan is about to become the world reserve currency as well speak…….

  24. niceguy1060 says:


  25. Kashif Bashir says:


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