Trying To Sell Silver Dollars For .99 Cents Outside a Coin Dealer | Silver Coins

Trying To Sell Silver Dollars For .99 Cents Outside a Coin Dealer

Trying To Sell Silver Dollars For .99 Cents Outside a Coin Dealer

Mark Dice offers random people the opportunity to buy some silver dollars for a dollar, while hanging outside of a coin dealer, and ignorant insanity ensues….
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25 Responses to Trying To Sell Silver Dollars For .99 Cents Outside a Coin Dealer

  1. Kyle Cannon says:

    He cashed it.

  2. DJRAKKK says:

    One European buys it……God dammit.

  3. r2Kd0ugernaut says:

    but so reluctant to give it up when someone wants to buy one XD

  4. Cyllid says:

    “and have to trust his word/somebody he recommends.” Which would mean, that coin shop.

    For the it’s only a dollar part… why don’t you just buy ANYthing that’s only a dollar? Because most things that charge you a dollar, are worth less than that dollar. They have to make a profit somehow.

    How credulous do you have to be?

  5. chickenisgood7 says:

    That’s why he did it in front of a coin shop so they could verify that the coin was real. Plus it’s only a dollar anyway, hard to go wrong with an offer like that.

  6. holycroely says:

    I agree, If a stranger with a camera man came up to you on the street and offered you a $1 silver coin you’d HAVE to be an idiot to ignore him.

  7. holycroely says:

    Whether the coin is real or not is irrelevant. People don’t walk around the street trying to sell silver coins for $1. You’d have to be stupid to be in this situation and actually think it’s a legit proposition.

  8. Derek Long says:

    Wow, that’s was very informative.

    Hey, MarkDice, do the same thing, except this time do it in an area with a lot of far-right conservatives. I would be very interested in seeing how they respond.

  9. Derek Long says:

    Man, these people are idiots.

  10. Deathnotez123 says:

    this guy is so awkward lol OMG there’s a reason nobody takes it, but even at like 3:50 when they take it he’s still acting weird.

  11. Cyllid says:

    I hate humans.

    Specifically the people in this comment section, that think all the people he approached are idiots for being skeptical of this. If you just ALWAYS took anybody up on a supposed deal, you’d come off far worse. Especially when you have no experience in the area, and have to trust his word/somebody he recommends.

  12. Peter DeJesse says:

    OMG I am so embarrassed to be Human…

  13. whatdoyouseehere says:

    Mark, Is this sale still going on? I’ll take all you have! lol

  14. manuelroxas1892 says:

    I thought old farts would be any smarter to take the silver dollar. It’s 90% percent for fucks sake!

  15. WeAreTwoDoorsDown says:

    I’d ask the store to change it out for a different coin then if they said it’s real… I mean, it’s silver for silver, so if it’s legit, they should have no problem trading. Plus acid tests don’t lie dude…

  16. holycroely says:

    Who gives a shit, you’d be dumb and ignorant to think that it’s not a joke or a scam. I mean the guy has a fucking microphone and a camera man following him…and he’s offering to get it validated as real silver in a fucking coin shop that he’s right next to. So why the hell would he want to sell it to you for a dollar?!

    Would you actually go into the coin shop with him? Personally I think any sensible person would say “no thanks I’m busy” and carry on with there day.

  17. xXMMXx23 says:

    To be honest, this was more scarey than funny… Just shows how little is actually taught in school that will benefit you. I could explain inflation, central banking, intrinsic value, and how Silver and Gold have been used as *money* for 1000’s of years… in probably no more than 10 minutes. School can’t teach it to the public over the course of k-12 (14 years)… my god, no one knows anything anymore. Pray to god there isn’t a dollar collapse for those people. School doesn’t teach it by design

  18. Dick Clark says:

    Lol I bought physical silver just before it crashed 20% I wish Mark dice was selling them to me then again I think he sells a one coin limit.

  19. No Name says:

    OH GOD IN HEAVEN! we as a nation are truly lost… Please in our shame dear GOD have mercy on us… GOD BLESS The United States of America….. we have lost our way…. I’m so ashamed of my country….. We had so much and we just let it all fade away….. So much. We are all just pigs fit only for the cliff at the sea.

  20. claricedoyle1 says:

    id e likeee helllll yyeahhhhh ill buy a 100

  21. YoYoYonasFilms says:

    The last guy was awesome

  22. YoYoYonasFilms says:

    I would be like damn, he’ll ya!

  23. Dan Boudreaux says:

    Would you please make me that offer??? I don’t believe how many people had no idea what it was.

  24. Ryan Dunn says:

    lol all those drones! nice NWO shirt by the way

  25. ollen249 says:

    It’s just one penny hahaha what an idiot please make me that same offer I will clean off your shelf!!!

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