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Wildlife Abounds on New Canadian Gold and Silver Kilo Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint have launched 3 new coins which focus on some of this vast country’s extraordinary wildlife which abounds in a lot of the northernmost parts of Canada. The polar bear is a widespread sight in Canada’s arctic regions, and the caribou are widespread sights from coast to coast.

Caribou Silver Kilo Coin

New pure gold and silver kilo coins feature Canadian artist Trevor Tennant’s illustration of a male and a female Caribou against an Arctic landscape in a scene brought to life by the ingenious use of contrasting finishes. With about 2.four million caribou roaming freely by means of the vast Canadian wilderness, the North American nation is home to one of the world’s biggest populations. Native to Canada, four subspecies of Rangifer tarandus occupy tundra and boreal zones spanning from the west coast to Newfoundland, and from the USA-Canada border to Ellesmere Island. Exceptional travelers as they are, the caribou cover more ground in their migrations than any other land animal: in truth, some of Canada’s caribou populations travel up to 5,000 kilometers each and every year.

Polar Bear Gold Kilo Coin

As different in size in genuine life as they are on coins, the iconic Polar Bear graces a 35 gram, 99.999% pure gold coin. Artist Glen Loates’ impressive depiction of the majestic polar bear is a fitting icon for a nation that, like Ursus martimus itself, has been shaped by the forces of ice, wind, water and stone. Stoic and sturdy, adaptable and clever, the polar bear has extended captivated the Canadian imagination and been held up as a symbol of the northern spirit. At a hulking weight of up to 600 kilograms, the polar bear is considered the largest bear not only in North America, but the complete world. Today, around 15,000 polar bears reside in the Canadian Arctic, comprising the greatest number worldwide.

The three coins consist of the well-recognized element-profile of HM Queen Elizabeth II as sculpted by Susanna Blunt.





High quality


250 Dollars

.999 silver

1000 grams

102 mm.


500 pieces

350 Dollars

.999 gold

35 grams

34 mm.


600 pieces

3500 Dollars

.999 Gold

1000 grams

101 mm.


20 pieces

Please check out this web page to view these coins as effectively as the most current solution releases from the Royal Canadian Mint. Information offered in English and French, international orders fulfilled.

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