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William Howard Taft Presidential Dollar Rolls, Bags, and Boxes

Right now, July 9, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint started accepting orders for circulating high quality 2013 William Howard Taft Presidential Dollars. These are obtainable in an array of rolls, bags, and boxes containing examples of the coin with either the &#8220P&#8221 or &#8220D&#8221 mint mark.

William Howard Taft Presidential Dollar

The William Howard Taft Dollar attributes a portrait of the 27th President designed by Barbara Fox and engraved by Michael Guadioso. The surrounding inscriptions include his name, &#8220In God We Trust&#8221, the order of the Presidency, and the dates served &#82201909-1913&#8243. The reverse design and style of the coin by Don Everhart features a rendition of the Statue of Liberty which has appeared in common for every single situation of the series. The inscriptions consist of &#8220United States of America&#8221 and the denomination expressed as &#8220$ 1&#8243.  Incused edge lettering consists of the date, mint mark, and motto &#8220E Pluribus Unum&#8221.

This represents the third release of the series for this year and the twenty-seventh all round release for the series. Following the Treasury Division choice announced in late 2011, the new releases of the series are no longer produced for circulation. Rather they are only offered inside numismatic items provided by the United States Mint.

The goods released today function circulating quality coins packaged in 25-coin rolls priced at $ 32.95 every single, 100-coin bags priced at $ 111.95, 250-coin boxes priced at $ 275.95 each, and 500-coin boxes priced at $ 550.95 each. Each selection can be ordered containing coins with either the &#8220P&#8221 or &#8220D&#8221 mint mark. All products function packaging which incorporates the name of the President, mint mark, and face worth of the contents.

There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits. Previously published coin production figures indicate that the US Mint facility at Philadelphia has struck four.76 million Taft Dollars, although the Denver Mint has struck 3.36 million. Until the close of the calendar year, it is nonetheless attainable for the Mint to restart production of the coins.

Numismatic Gold and Platinum Item Price Lower Feasible

goldOnce once again, the accessible information indicates that a price lower is possible tomorrow for the US Mint&#8217s numismatic gold and platinum goods. Any possible change will remain largely dependent on the Wednesday PM prices for each metal.

Typically, pricing adjustments for gold and platinum items take place when the average London Fix value for the present weekly period moves into a higher or reduce tier. However, as a secondary criteria, the Wednesday PM London Repair value have to agree directionally with any change.

As was the case last week, the weekly average price tag for gold is in the $ 1,200 to $ 1,249.99 range and the typical price tag for platinum is in the $ 1,300 to $ 1,349.99 variety. These are every single 1 tier reduce than the pricing tiers presently in effect.

In order for a cost reduce to take location for gold numismatic goods, the Wednesday PM gold fix price should fall below $ 1,250. Similarly, for a lower to take location for the single platinum product, the Wednesday PM platinum repair price tag must fall under $ 1,350. If the price tag lower does occur, rates for impacted items would be lowered proportionally by $ 50 for every single ounce of metal content.

As shown on the most current weekly numismatic product sales report published right now, recently sales have been slow across a lot of categories. In addition to the typical summer time slow down, some collectors may possibly be waiting for the upcoming silver product cost decrease and the prospective price tag decrease for gold items.

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