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How to Buy Silver Bullion from a Local Coin Shop

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24 Responses to How to Buy Silver Bullion from a Local Coin Shop

  1. Howzyer Bippy says:

    Your comment was removed for some reason – funny thing is that it came through to my eMail and I did get to read it.
    Good going with the real estate.
    you may need luck with the stock market
    I have always hated the SM because it never really pays dividends that are worth a dump where as real estate pays 10-18% per year depending
    good luck

  2. NinezeroPlayer says:

    Nothing will beat my commercial and residential real estate holdings 2010 and after.High rent,low investment and already 30-40% up from initial investment. Since the foreclosures have gone up in value considerably,I am in stocks and reaping rewards. I buy some coins,not as an instrument of wealth generation and hope/wish for 4000 oz scenarios as some of these people predict.It’s strictly a hobby,nothing more. Making money is not about emotion and hope,and listening to quacks about conspiracies.

  3. phills pavel says:

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  4. Dangerman373 says:

    she is wrong there are no other metals that can replace silver in most of it’s applications , and if anyone knows of some please inform me!

  5. Howzyer Bippy says:

    we bought 4 houses for 20-45K 3 years ago they now go for 60-75K
    in addition we have gotten 36 months in rent.
    In the same time Silver has gone DOWN 40%
    heeee haaaw

  6. NinezeroPlayer says:

    Rentals,stocks and then maybe gold and silver. Definitely real estate post 2010 cannot be beat. Those houses are already up 30-40% in value plus for investors they are paying very healthy rental income which silver and gold never will.

  7. snakeoo7ca says:

    oh my god! who the hell cares?

  8. deretreivels44 says:

    silver is in my booboo hole right now 🙂

  9. arest16 says:

    The woman mentioned the margin manipulation when silver was closing in on $50. Interesting how this last drop in price began mid April when CME raised margin requirements again. Its just too easy for CME to control the price of metals. On April 15 when margin requirements were raised by 18%, silver dropped around $3 in a couple days. Now its down 30% in 2.5 months.

  10. Justin Adachi says:

    has anyone seen the silver prices lately? $18.89 oz (6/28/13) Whats going on??

  11. Robert Hicks says:

    How much over spot does Covina usually sell for with straight silver or do they mostly have spot+premium style rounds?

  12. Brooks Thornhill says:

    CHANNEL OWNER- This is for you!! I have a way to get FREE SILVER and you would be great at it! Watch the only video on my channel!

  13. Howzyer Bippy says:

    One last stab at it.
    In 1979 the AVERAGE for the whole F’ing year was $21.79
    That takes into account 365 days — hardly picking a date.
    Now it is 34 years later and as I type Silver is at $21.74 down 5c after 34 years not counting inflation.
    fault me on that one Zg.

  14. zg76 says:

    OK, we had this talk already and I am not going to repeat myself on stupidity of using artificial highs of market cornering 30 years ago and ignoring all the in between. So this “conversation” ends here.
    (it is 144$ actually)

  15. Howzyer Bippy says:

    Iti s not about “good for me” it is about illustrating to those who do not know the whole picture that Silver for the past 33 years HAS NOT HARBORED SAVINGS from inflation. In fact Silver is lower in price today than it was then and that is irrespective of inflation.
    If you toss inflation into the picture $55 of 1980 money would be worth $240 today. but had you bought one ounce of Silver for $55 back then today you only have $22 in fiat money in the silver and you have lost from both directions.

  16. zg76 says:

    That’s just great for you,I’m glad that you are doing fine;is it liable and possible for everyone to do the same?I don’t think so, especially in light of last economic tumble.
    Isn’t the point of the whole silver thing to use it as hedge in a long time preserving the value in a simple, low-risk way!?
    In a same way stock markets were made for few people with specialized knowledge,we all have different skill-sets and specialization.Silver is just one way to preserve what we create(now-days the best

  17. Howzyer Bippy says:

    What ever you do — do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs each month and sell your rental property even if it goes up in value & u can make a profit.
    I sold a building 12 years ago for a big profit. The building went on to double in price & now I have not taken in 144 months in rent.
    YES u r right. Renting is difficult. the answer is IF IT WAS EASY EVERY DINK WOULD DO IT
    Silver has already been to $55 in 1980 & almost to $50 again when it hit $49 almost 3 years ago.
    maybe in 5 years

  18. TheSmoothGrind says:

    I have various properties, one I purchased for $500k a couple years ago. Owning rentals is a lot of work, stress and there is a ton of overhead and increasingly invasive and expensive government cost me 25k+ a year in taxes and fees alone. Plus real estate values have dropped too. I am somewhat diverse, so I think I will be okay. I like precious metals, They will fluctuate but if it goes on another run and silver is $50/ox I will dump it for cash.

  19. Howzyer Bippy says:

    A few bucks on Ag out of 10 K is not bad.
    there was a day not to long ago when u could by one ounce of Ag for the same as a drink in a bar.
    Rental property (over all~historically) doubles in price every 10 years. Ag is down from 3 years ago & down from 33 years ago.
    If the fiat currency ever collapses u can take silver in rent.
    Time to start buying Rental Real estate again as the market it starting to move. U can buy houses for $50,000 that rent for $7-800. Ag will never do that

  20. TheSmoothGrind says:

    Not sure why you replied, I didn’t predict what silver would do in 2 months. I would like a steady climb, but it shifts around a bit. I buy regularly, various outlets and prices and other investment metals and property as well.
    If I buy silver today, it has not lost any value, there for it wont take 3 years to re-coup that value. Its obvious you are against silver investment. I own rental property that earns me almost 10k a month, so what if I spend a few bucks on silver here and there?

  21. Howzyer Bippy says:

    Not sure when exactly you posted your comment but 2 months ago silver was at $27 and 3 months ago it was $28 and at the first of the year it was $ today 6-7-13 mid day it is $21.75

    WHEN YOU SAID 8-9% per year were you talking about a LOSS
    because Silver has lost $9.05 or 30% since the first of the year.
    at 8% per year gain it will now take you 3 full years just to get even with the first of the year if you buy today and get 8%
    put 1.08 into ur calculator X 21.75 hit the = button 3 times

  22. Howzyer Bippy says:


    forget 2-5-7-10 years
    How about just since your last post 3 days ago ??
    This morning 6-7-13 at 11:30 EST silver down to $21.75 that’s a loss of $1 or 5% in just one day.
    PM’s are not the way – lotto mentality – get rich quick never works
    Try buying a rental property
    holding on to it for a decade or so – while collecting rent all the while.
    it is not easy – it is not always fun – but after awhile you can feel the wealth growing – rentals make you money even when you are asleep.

  23. Howzyer Bippy says:

    I like~millions of others then & now was intrigued by the lure of eazy money.
    But rather than buy PM’s I traded for a short time & then got into real estate. Where I have been ever since. For each $1 in property I bought in the mid 1980’s I now have $25 dollars in property for that same $1~Plus For each $1 in rentals that I bought in the 1980s I have (over the years) collected $5.40 in rent But had I bought Ag at $55 or $5 I would only have $0.40 up to as much as $4.48~RE clearly is the winner

  24. zg76 says:

    Ha ha ha ha, right, right. What were you doing there?? 😉 :DD
    That’s what I’ve said in first comments, if you are not selling for this price, why would you make such fuss about it… or are you predicting falling prices in a 2-5-7-10 years??

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