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Lets discuss Silver Kilo coins

I promised WHMmetals a while ago, that I would do this video. Today seemed like a good day to have a little fun with it.

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25 Responses to Lets discuss Silver Kilo coins

  1. macca2379 says:

    Precious metals are all measured in TROY OUNCES, which are different than todays normal ounces. 1kg= 32.15 Troy Oz, and 1kg= 35.27 normal Oz.

  2. DesMoisBoi says:

    I fell into my first kilo coin recently, have to say I didn’t like the first few that I had seen in person but the Panda (I mention on one of your other videos) is really growing on me and my plan to flip it immediately is becoming much harder to follow through on.

  3. 511porkchop says:

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  4. ralphg63 says:

    Great video, i got my Year of the Rabbit kilo in the mail from Provident. In 2011, I did spend the $2,600 on a 2006 Libertad kilo, mintage of 874 ! I may get that Snake kilo, while they last about $680 today. Hope silver has only crashed, not burned

  5. Curling12341 says:

    how small can silver coins get? Penny sized?

  6. silverfish VT says:

    They really are. You will see them as the center piece of your stack.

  7. coffeeexmachina says:

    You’ve talked me into it. I normally only buy silver eagles, but these are nice.

  8. silverfish VT says:

    They really are awesome, and VERY cheap right now. Apmex has had a really good price on these for a while now.

  9. Malang Sob says:

    Those are so bad ass! I gotta get one.

  10. silverfish VT says:

    It sure does Nicky, thanks for watching!

  11. silverfish VT says:

    You Aussies are making me jealous!

  12. silverfish VT says:

    I really dont doubt it Jay! It sounds like a lovely place, to be sure.

  13. silverfish VT says:

    It is high on the bucket list. Someday, to be sure. I would like to do it, while the kids are still in the house.

  14. silverfish VT says:

    Just as an example, a 1 kilo koala on Apmex right now is 699.58
    32.15 eagles right now would be 783.17. Pretty big difference, its not usually that large, but the Kilos are a REALLY good value. Not as liquid obviously, but a really stunning part of my stack.

  15. silverfish VT says:

    I used the 32.15 ounces in my calculations.

  16. chiefnickel says:

    I have to take some issue with your calculations though. your stating cost over spot per ounce, but when you buy a kilo coin your only getting 32.15 oz vs an actual kilo which is 35.27 oz, so your losing 3.12 oz vs an actual kilo. Just saying, dealers don’t actually sell true kilo coins

  17. silverfish VT says:

    Im not a big painted silver fan, but its whatever your preference is.

  18. Str8silver0 says:

    So, i wanted to get a kilo dragon do you think its worth it to pay 1000 for the plain one no color or pay the 700$ for the colorized one.

  19. Brooks Thornhill says:

    Channel Owner!!!! I have a way to get FREE SILVER I want to show you, you would be great at this business!!!

  20. David Orth says:

    You need to go to Australia… it’s an amazing place!

  21. nickystylz1 says:

    Thank you for the great videos. I am new to stacking, it gets very addictive

  22. koalabear72 says:

    Great video, just went down to the coin shop and picked up a kilo koala. So impressive.

  23. dnimon936 says:

    yeah….i picked up the second last 1 kg 2012 kookaburra the other day; lucky to be only a few miles away from perth mint

  24. jayrush01 says:

    Australia is the greatest country in the world. move here! 😀

  25. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    You raised a very valid point about cars & televisions depreciating & people just seem to accept this, despite the fact that they are guaranteed to carry on depreciating, whereas with silver, there is a good chance that it will maintain it’s value.The other advantage with kilo coins is that it is highly unlikely that the fakers will bother with this size coin but are already faking kilo bars.

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