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Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales for June 2013

kangarooGold bullion sales at the Perth Mint fell sharply in June 2013 when compared to the prior month, even though silver bullion sales had been essentially flat. Sales levels for both metals remained ahead of year ago levels.

In April, Perth Mint bullion sales had surged, coinciding with a sharp drop in the marketplace prices of the metals. Gold bullion sales had reached the record month-to-month sales total of 111,505.06 troy ounces. Silver bullion sales more than double compared to the prior month, reaching 1,102,465.96 ounces. In the following month, gold sales treated and silver sales dropped by more than half.

For June 2013, sales of gold as coins and minted bars declined to 47,047.83 ounces. This was down by 45.9% compared to the prior month and represents second lowest month-to-month total for the year to date. Despite the decline, the newest month-to-month total remains ahead of the year ago level of 44,619.05 ounces

Perth Mint Bullion Sales in Troy Ounces
Gold Silver
January 2013 65,683.71 670,544.36
February 2013 44,048.62 426,319.29
March 2013 50,356.16 408,178.52
April 2013 111,505.06 1,102,465.96
Could 2013 86,983.54 587,454.82
June 2013 47,047.83 588,630.13
Total YTD 405,624.92 three,783,593.08

Sales of silver as coins and minted goods reached 588,630.13 troy ounces for June 2013, flat with the prior month. After once again, the most current monthly total did represent an boost from the year ago level of 523,663.46 ounces.

For the year to date, Perth Mint gold bullion sales have now reached 405,624.92 ounces, whilst silver sales at at three,783,593.08 ounces.

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