Silver Canadian Coins Pocket Change: Valuable Silver In Your Pockets | Silver Coins

Silver Canadian Coins Pocket Change: Valuable Silver In Your Pockets

Silver Canadian Coins Pocket Change: Valuable Silver In Your Pockets

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24 Responses to Silver Canadian Coins Pocket Change: Valuable Silver In Your Pockets

  1. cuzinevil1 says:

    Ok so I looked up all the Canadian coins and here’s the skinny;
    Any denomination prior to these dates are .800 silver or better, any after are nickel or steel;
    Dimes, 1967 half are .800 silver and half are .500 silver. 1968 less than a third are .500 silver( check all ’68’s with a magnet ).
    Quarters, 1967 .800 silver of which some are .500 silver. 1968 half are .500 silver.
    Halves, 1967 all are .800 silver, 1968 are all nickel.
    Dollars, 1967 all are .800 silver, 1968 are all nickel. Good hunting

  2. Rosanna Rossi says:

    in three years only 3 silver quarters came my way and i had a bar so dont beleave all these idiots

  3. danish2gilani says:

    Man I wish I got into silver back than!

  4. Stephan Daaboul says:

    Visit my Chanel and see my coin colection

  5. ovechkin100 says:

    ive only ever found 4 silver dimes and 1 silver quarter in my pocket change and i’ve been keeping track of every quarter, every dime for the past 3 years!!!! getting hard to come by.

  6. Flare400 says:

    So true. Particularly telling is how every 1968 dime and quarter I found was made of nickel. Ever since the the bubble in 1980 the silver has been pretty meticulously rooted out.

  7. Marko Vuletic says:

    i like those tits, serious..

  8. Ecapsora says:

    Wow. I don’t know who you’re exchanging money with but that’s unusual. No one up here uses fifty cent pieces or silver dollars any more, so finding a silver dollar and three fifty cent pieces in your change is rare. Lots of people probably wouldn’t even take them even though they’re legal tender.
    That being said there’s lots of old coins (quarters and dimes) in circulation. The oldest ones I have in my collection have Edward on them.
    You should know, however, melting down coins is a felony.

  9. Ken Cook says:

    The best investment in my mind would be the Canadian $10 silver 1976 Montreal coins .

  10. Thomistica says:

    You can tell by weight. The 80% coins will be heavier.

  11. RyanB0011 says:


  12. PrincessoftheWorld21 says:

    I agree, I live in Canada and it is very rare even to find something from the 1960’s…If you do visit Border Towns, which ones are they? And were do you exactly go? I would to know please as I would love to get some of these coins!

  13. sherpajones says:

    But many of us can’t afford to eat at a lot of fast food places every week on some border town where the dumb locals don’t know what junk silver is. You may have found a niche oppertunity, but it is still a rare opportunity not available to just anyone.

  14. sherpajones says:

    “Getting rich of your pocket change.” Dude, seriously, I’ve found one 1940 Canadian silver quarter and one 1968 Canadian silver dime in my pocket change, and I’ve been searching it for a year now. Most of the silver is gone. Nobody is getting rich off their pocket change. That window of opportunity was over before the 70’s were.

  15. mrboyd1980 says:

    in 1967 canada made coins with 80% and 50% and there is no real way of telling so we use the average of 65%. (only quarters and dimes though) 1968 Quarters and dimes, some were made of 50% silver and some were made with no silver. Basically, with the 1968 quarters and dimes, if a magnit sticks, its NOT silver and if it does not stick its 50% silver.
    Canada .50 cent pieces and dollars stopped in 1967. Anything 1967 and prior are 80% silver.

  16. BeanMeister22 says:

    Off the top of my head I’m not sure, but let me think about it a bit.

  17. Combatarms423 says:

    Beanmeister, I know quite a bit about silver and canadian coins. But the 1967 cougars are supposed to be 50% silver but there are ACTUALLY some 80% silver ones. How do you tell the difference? A response would be muchly appreciated.

  18. Combatarms423 says:

    Wow, thats pretty lucky. I guess the people in Canada are more change aware!

  19. BeanMeister22 says:

    Some say that, and some people don’t. I guess it really depends how much money passes through your hands in a given week or month. For example, in the last month I’ve found 5 Wheat Pennies, 1 silver Canadian dime, and 2 Buffalo Nickles. I don’t work a cash register, but I eat at a lot of fastfood places where uninformed workers don’t even think of looking at what passing through their register. Also, many people in the US know very little about Canadian money, so they don’t know what’s silver.

  20. Combatarms423 says:

    Beanmeister it is not common to get silver in your change anymore 🙁

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  22. GHOSTTOYS says:

    ilegal to destroy any money or coin intentionaly … its the governement property just remember what hapen when the first wave of 2 color dolar came out the where defective and could brake in 2 so some kid was make pendent out of themm and got a fine from the police when cought

  23. GHOSTTOYS says:

    verry iteresting theory …. because it is comon to get those silver coin in big city or close to air port ..

  24. xTHExBLONDEx says:

    its legal to melt down any coins with silver or precious metals but besides that its ilegal

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