Silver Picking Advice: How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!! | Silver Coins

Silver Picking Advice: How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!

In this video I pass on some worthy information about how to get FREE silver coins. It is surprisingly easy. http://www.e…

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25 Responses to Silver Picking Advice: How to get FREE Silver Coins Around the Neighborhood!!!!!

  1. lmgrepresenter says:



    i subbed… great vid

  3. Hope Walker says:

    No luck so far with the dimes. Tried quarters and nothing. I read a rumor that Loomis culls their silver out of the rolls before they go to the banks. You hear anything like that?

  4. Tony Tucker says:

    Buy cheap sell High is the rule! Silver will continue to drop till middle of 2014 reaching a low of $15. The Elitist shall buy it up while idiots that are scared out or wore out of the market. $75 Dollars a Troy ounce will result as demand excels. They will have a meeting and Globalists will then shut you out as its value will be declared $750 an ounce for silver. Gold figure it out 10:1 Ratio Silver to gold. Says who Elitist From London. Hail Moloch! Illuminati. The Federal Banks! Occultist NOW

  5. Silverpicker says:

    NIce! I hope you do well!

  6. Hope Walker says:

    I went into my personal bank recently, to ask for some penny and 50C rolls, and when I asked for the 50C rolls, they gave me the ‘hairy eyeball’ and demanded to know what I was looking for. It seems a great many people are searching for 50C rolls now. I found some nice stuff in the penny rolls, though, and plan on trying my hand at dimes next. Congrats on your finds! I’ll definitely try the local Coinstar machine!

  7. DragonRoLo says:

    I think the RI euro coin is Rome Italy I recognize the monument as being in rome

  8. namebr555 says:

    are you canadian (canadian quater) sorry for bad spelling

  9. Les Smithfield says:

    I’ve been enjoying your videos. FYI the Canadian coins have more nickel than US coins and nickel is magnetic. Canada has large deposits of nickel so they put more in their coins.

  10. Silverpicker says:

    Hey Thanks! That’s really nice of you to say!

  11. john smith says:

    good for you dude! you seem like a great person

  12. Silverpicker says:

    I do indeed (plus shipping)

  13. Adam Bingham says:

    Do you sell your silver quarters for spot

  14. Silverpicker says:

    Under the basket that you put the coins in

  15. TheHowToHobbyist says:

    Where is the magnet on the machine?

  16. mrboyd1980 says:

    Hey man, Ive watch a lot of your videos and enjoy them, not really sure how to privet message you. Looking to buy Some Canadian Junk silver.

  17. ThePlatinumEagle says:

    No problem! 😉

  18. Silverpicker says:

    Nice! That’s an awesome bonus!

  19. Silverpicker says:

    Gotcha. Thanks!

  20. ThePlatinumEagle says:

    Unfortunately, they aren’t worth much. But, I always have mine on me.

  21. ovechkin100 says:

    just today in canada here i went to the grocery store… ended up getting a 1957 american dime back. not often to find silver that way

  22. Silverpicker says:

    Nice, maybe I’ll try that.

  23. Silverpicker says:

    Huh, never knew that. I assume they aren’t worth anything, right?

  24. ThePlatinumEagle says:

    That was a guardian angel coin

  25. Xulu Wuki says:

    lol euro’s are useless

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