SILVER:Why Buy Silver Now+ Buying Silver Coins+Robert Kiyosak | Silver Coins

SILVER:Why Buy Silver Now+ Buying Silver Coins+Robert Kiyosak

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23 Responses to SILVER:Why Buy Silver Now+ Buying Silver Coins+Robert Kiyosak

  1. GoldCoinsPMBG says:

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  2. hiphopknights says:

    For you who keep saying that silver won’t go up. Please don’t buy anymore silver….more for me!

  3. Jose Aparicio says:

    Great video…

  4. buysilvercoins1 says:

    Yes buying silver is a good investment this metal will go up in value! Ive been buying it for years and made a lot of money!

  5. Adam Munch says:

    I do agree silver and gold are old true value money. I don’t agree silver will increase. It has not even gone £2 per gram. Silver is a crap investment. In UK you have to pay VAT for the silver bar or coin whatever. When you sell that coin or bar to a dealer, he or she will not look if it’s a Canadian maple, American eagle or a bar. They will give you the lowest silver price.
    A friend of mine made a big loss on silver investment. Silver sucks!!!

  6. silver john says:

    gold will go to 4500-5000an oz by 2015

  7. FortuneSeek3rz says:

    I don’t think there is any doubt gold will eventually hit $3000 and higher as the months go by. Every year we see more and more economic turmoil around the world and despite throwing money at the problem we continue to discover that there are no permanent solutions. Now the world has 7 billion people and they will all want their share of gold and silver. Things are going to get very desperate in our lifetimes.

  8. drchen054 says:

    I guess silver prices have been staying at around 32 for the last 6 months and no one is talking about that.. Its just stagnating for seemingly no reason when it was supposed to shoot past $50 or $150. What happened to hyperinflation and economic collapse and the huge rise in silver? Was it all just a myth?

  9. Andrew Palmer says:

    Its going to 5k – Just wait until the US cant pay its debt. Watch the price soar!

  10. Searching4Silver says:

    Maybe gold won’t reach $3000 an ounce, but if you actually listened to this video when it was uploaded over 2 years ago, you would have made a lot of money.

  11. DillonDee1 says:

    sell now while its high

  12. MONOPOLY35 says:

    I’ve been buying since $19 and he puts me to shame with $4!

  13. jbarba says:

    You retards all need to go to wwwcoincommunitycom and join a bunch of losers like yourselves. Everyone on their believes gold and silver will sky rocket because the United States is no longer going to be a country soon and they need gold and silver due to the U.S having no currency. Idiots believe they can make easy money without getting a real job from buying gold and silver at $30 and pray it will hit a magical $50 and that Gold will hit the magical $3000 mark. Isn’t going to happen idiots.

  14. sapiensproeliator says:

    wat a dick – he has been right all the way, he s bought silver at 4dollars im buying it at 32. Lol he s a gd man , he knows what he is doing and he teaches the masses

  15. buyingsilvervsgold says:

    Robert really knows what he’s talking about…period

  16. silverandgoldatcost says:

    Kiyasaki is prophet! I buy gold and silver at cost.

  17. Silverforfree says:

    Hi everyone! Would you like to join me earn SILVER FOR FREE MONTHLY? check out my channel. thanks! 🙂


  18. Dana I says:

    shit fuck why didnt i buy this when i first heard about it! big mistake!!!!!!

  19. pattonftw says:

    Ron Paul 2012!

  20. SeventhSun says:

    This guy should be a politician.

  21. bc5620 says:

    great video! Please check out my silver collection! 🙂

  22. CrazyChitTV says:

    Hi, I remove my own comments sometimes- like I did here. The stock market is 60% fundamentals and 40% technicals (according to IBD) and commodities are similar. And I agree that there are many positive fundamentals for silver and gold, I’ve owned physical of both and traded call options in both for years

    The dollar is will continue down (bullish), ISM industrial numbers were god awful this week (bearish) and mining is up 4% this year I believe (only slightly bearish for silver).

  23. gregoryholzer says:

    not sure why your comment was removed … but to your point… you’re correct looking at it from a technical standpoint. But don’t limit yourself to just the technicals .. that’s half the equation and the fundamentals for silver are monumentally strong … dollars imminent collapse, global industrial and investor demand, limited mining capacities, … it’s just not a wave you want to fighting in the next 5-10 yrs .. but getting on board now while she’s still low will pay off …

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