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Best Way to Store Silver Coins, Bars & Rounds

This is the best way that I’ve found to store my gold and silver bullion. The containers that I prefer are the 20-bar & 20-round Air-Tite Holders. They keep …
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20 Responses to Best Way to Store Silver Coins, Bars & Rounds

  1. khmerog1 says:

    lol…tripod next time brother. but good video either way.

  2. IrixGuy says:

    @ArsSpiritia You’re welcome! Thirst things are great for stacking in storage.

  3. ArsSpiritia says:

    Awesome! That’s exactly what I need for my bars. Thank you.

  4. joe blow says:

    I have mine stored for years and have yet to see any damage..I have common silver bullion bars/rounds and when I sell down the road,an oz will be worth an oz no matter the condition to a smelter or coin dealer.The compact storage outweighs all other menial worries

  5. joe blow says:

    I luv the holders,,I found the best prices with free shipping and big discounts on quantity orders at silver sales plus

  6. IrixGuy says:

    These are great! I use these cylinder shaped ones for my rounds and coins and the square ones for my bars. Great for storage and stacking!  The bottoms of these cylinder shaped ones are even designed to stack on top of one another too!

  7. jonkari33 says:

    thanks, i saw the square ones and did not like the look at all, after seeing the review i am getting some. thanks!

  8. IrixGuy says:

    Thanks for watching and sharing the awesome information =)

  9. IrixGuy says:

    @DBNY23 Thanks but are you sure about that?  Should I switch to an individual airtite for each bar or coin? It seems strange that this would still be so popular is they caused damage.

  10. DBNY23 says:

    This is horrible advice. Those bar and round holders are meant for shipping ONLY. They are NOT meant for long term storage. They DO contain PVC and WILL mess up your coins / bars.

  11. maharlikano says:

    thank you

  12. IrixGuy says:

    airtiteholders DAWT COM

  13. maharlikano says:

    where i can buy those 1oz silver bar case and tubes?

  14. IrixGuy says:

    @johnnieace45 Nah these things stack really well. Not much more room than individual Air Tites.

  15. johnnieace45 says:

    individual containers take up so much space, you must have a huge safe.

  16. IrixGuy says:

    Well the silver spot price is currently around $28.83. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins containing 1 oz of .9999 fine silver are currently around $31.32 and private mint bars containing 1 oz of .999 fine silver are currently a little over $30. The price of course fluctuates constantly. Coins are usually a little more over the spot price than private mint bars or rounds.

  17. Baller5ajk says:

    Thanks for the reply and positive feedback

  18. IrixGuy says:

    Maples are great because they’re 9999 fine silver. You should also check out the RCM wildlife series. They’re also 9999 fine. I prefer coins over bars because of a potential numismatic premium and they have a small face value. I check out your videos and they’re great! Feel free to check out my coin videos. I’ve got video reviews for those coins plus a lot of others. Perth Mint is awesome too!

  19. Baller5ajk says:

    thx for the vid I am just getting into the maples as my colection so far has only been bullion bars and some rounds check it out!

  20. IrixGuy says:

    That’s a great point! Thanks for the feedback and keep stacking bro!

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