Buying silver coins versus buying silver bars | Silver Coins

Buying silver coins versus buying silver bars

Buying silver coins versus buying silver bars

In this video, David Morgan of discusses when and how to buy silver coins and silver bars. It all depends on the size of your port…

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25 Responses to Buying silver coins versus buying silver bars

  1. Brooks Thornhill says:

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  2. vanityrose12 says:

    damn right…..but to be honest if i had 1,000 1oz rounds and a bag of old US dimes then i would go to bars and gold from that point on….the way i see it if you’ve got more than 2 monster boxes worth of rounds good luck trying to move around with it lol

  3. saldunlop says:


  4. JCKustom13 says:

    I would love to purchase 10oz bars sadly I just can’t afford them. I can really only afford 1 oz a month (sometimes not even). I have been more into rounds lately, the local dealer marks up $2 for both 1 oz rounds and bars so it’s the same for me locally.

  5. Justin Hemphill says:

    However, when buying 1 oz bars, the premium is much higher than buying a 10 oz or 100 oz bar. IMO, 10 oz bars are the best middle ground, with significant reductions in premiums compared to 1 oz bars. Depends on how much you are purchasing. When buying small amounts, I would definitely go with coins instead of 1 oz bars.

  6. Joe Joel says:

    Bar is best.

  7. BAT MAN says:

    I know, 1 oz bars are much better then 10oz bars in my opinion, and for some reason i find myself leaning more towards the silver bars and not the coins

  8. ShOwStOpp3rr says:

    yea but you guys who buy those silver eagles pay like 3.50 over spot if not more,,add that up over hundreds of ounces and you have bucket loads of wasted cash..
    picking up Englehard 100oz bars for 50 cents over spot is making more money in the end..say silver drops to 12 an ounce and you go all in and buy 20k,50,100k whatever worth of silver those insane premiums on coins eat into your final sell profit..

  9. Tony Tucker says:

    Buy cheap sell High is the rule! Silver will continue to drop till middle of 2014 reaching a low of $15. The Elitist shall buy it up while idiots that are scared out or wore out of the market. $75 Dollars a Troy ounce will result as demand excels. They will have a meeting and Globalists will then shut you out as its value will be declared $750 an ounce for silver. Gold figure it out 10:1 Ratio Silver to gold. Says who Elitist From London. Hail Moloch! Illuminati. The Federal Banks! Occultist NOW

  10. MontanaQ1984A1776 says:

    Any local coin shop. Dont pay more than 3-4$ over spot and make sure you know the most recent spot price (most dealers post it but just google “SLV” before purchasing ) Good luck! Bring a friend.. STACK UP

  11. MontanaQ1984A1776 says:

    Great Video. I bought a 4oz $100 bill bar but all other is 1oz coins. KEEP ON STACKIN!!

  12. illriginalized says:

    I’m starting off with 1oz bars. Apparently premiums are just a little too ridiculous for purchasing coins.

  13. estacey2004 says:

    Where do you buy? I want to start collecting.

  14. GoldCoinsPMBG says:

    PMBG Gold & Silver ( at 1-800-516-7624 always encourages any potential customer to do their homework and see what multiple “actual customers” of Silver and Gold brokers/dealers have had to say. That’s the real test. Please check out our “5-Star” Rating and 100% positive customer feedback on TrustLink: PMBG-International-LLC-2063988­­­­­32

  15. ThePjcull says:

    I agree 100%

  16. mememe123xyz says:

    I find it strange that most people see it as a strange thing to buy silver. It’s like they forget that there is currency still in circulation that is mostly silver. All we are doing is trading money, for money.

  17. ftyhtfhfggh says:

    and who is a reputable company at times like this.
    to a what point can u trust ,1 oz 100 oz 1 ton
    Can u trust even goverment or bank for 5 000  Ton ?
    i say to u buy to a reputable company than check and is easy to check on bars possibly self melt .

  18. ftyhtfhfggh says:

    so u buy less gram of gold/silver for the same price and when u will need to sell they will be worth the same as a bar.
    i give u an example can i trade u 10 gold coins of year 1850 6.4 gram each for 100 gram gold bar. if u agree contact me 😀

  19. weizenale says:

    Buy from a reputable company not ebay and you don’t have this problem

  20. loh1110 says:

    Dude, there are 1 ounce bars sold everywhere… not just coins.

  21. OZtruth1 says:

    10oz bars are king in my book

  22. 715btp685 says:

    Very informative

  23. EpicRV says:

    Great video for a new stacker like myself!

  24. Vic Bur says:

    I have rare silver metal large crystal nuggets on sale anyone interested check my videos

  25. gsxwrx says:

    I like coins

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