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Metal Detecting River Finds: Silver Coin Cache Second Year

This is a video of my returning to a metal detecting area in a river where the year before I found 178 old silver coins. This video is shot over three trips …
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25 Responses to Metal Detecting River Finds: Silver Coin Cache Second Year

  1. DeepSilverDetector says:

    That’s an awesome find, having found that many coins I wonder if they are from a payroll stash during the war? Congrats on a great find, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Beau Ouimette says:

    I guess you could spend as little as $40, but that one may have trouble detecting a coin on top of the ground. The “best cheapest” will run you $600.

  3. Beau Ouimette says:

    I guess you could spend as little as $40, but you might have trouble finding a quarter on top of the ground. The best cheapest will run you $600.


    How much does a basic metal detector cost?

  5. MsNova1973 says:

    Thank for the information, I appreciate it. Good luck and happy hunting!

  6. Beau Ouimette says:

    It depends on what kind of coins you have, but most experts say not to clean any of them.

  7. MsNova1973 says:

    How do you/what do you use to clean the coins after you find them? 

  8. Greg Kerr says:

    Wow…all those old coins would have been a fortune way back in the early 1800’s. Have you ever done any historical research to see if some local bank was robbed way back when and the loot never recovered? So interesting to ponder how they got there…half the fun for you I’d imagine.

  9. Beau Ouimette says:

    They were found at a river ford. I suppose someone lost them in a flooded crossing.

  10. LycomingWarrior says:

    How do you think all those coins got there?

  11. Beau Ouimette says:

    Not there, but I do occasionally find them in the rivers.

  12. Alex Barnes says:

    I would kill to find a spot like this.. Ever find any arrowheads around there?

  13. Beau Ouimette says:

    I need a little more to go on…

  14. david silveira says:

    Please help me figure out what this is! Found 4″ deep in Sussex Co. Delaware

  15. Mutlap says:

    Cactus Wolf what’s the issue with this person. Some may spend hundred of hours in the field before they find anything of real interest.

  16. Chris3836 says:

    Getting greedy. That’s bad.

  17. Beau Ouimette says:

    Sorry, but I cannot give out any clues to my metal detecting sites (not even the State anymore) because of people like this poster:

    “Cactus Wolf 16 hours ago…..I have a lot of family in MD, and West Virginia… I will fwd this to them and see if they recognize it… Shortly after, I will be there with about 40 of my closest digging buddies ! Thanks a million…”.

  18. Leopard19752009 says:

    I don’t know why and have only been there once when I was about 7 but something tells me you hunt somewhere in the state of Arkansas? Just based on coin type and the landscapes . Hot or Cold?

  19. Alexander Osborn says:

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  20. Melinda Pleasant says:

    Sweet hunts !!!
    I live in NC , so I may have to do alittle research on where to go creek hunting after seeing the coins you found..

  21. GroundBalanced says:

    Makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  22. Beau Ouimette says:

    They were not quite all in the “same” spot, they were scattered a short distance apart. Heavy things like silver, lead and such don’t get washed much downstream especially if there are cracks in the rock or mud to trap them. I find many Civil War bullets wedged in small cracks fully exposed to the current. If they were being pushed downstream they would be with all the aluminum cans in the bends of the river.

  23. GroundBalanced says:

    Something else…I would have assumed that after a couple hundred years in a creek that the current would have moved the coins down stream. But since the coins are all together, it would seem that the coins stayed in the same spot that they were dropped. Your thoughts?

  24. Beau Ouimette says:

    No problem, I have a video up on my channel showing step by step how I did it.

  25. GroundBalanced says:

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but how did you waterproof the Pro Pointer?

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