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Nice 90% Junk Silver Coins

A video on some of the nicer 90% junk silver coins I’ve been lucky to buy. Watch all “My Sliver Videos” playlist: link below.…
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22 Responses to Nice 90% Junk Silver Coins

  1. kingkold says:

    Out of all the junk(constitutional) silver out there, the 1964 Kennedy’s are my favorite

  2. MrMnmn911 says:

    Thanks for commenting, liking and subscribing Darth SilveramASS. I was very lucky to get these from the basic junk tray. That’s great the you’ve been able to find eagles and libertads out of your stores junk box. Keep stackn’.

  3. Darth SilveramASS says:

    How bout some Dark Side Coins, lol.

  4. Darth SilveramASS says:

    Thanks is a beautifull 1959 quarter

  5. Darth SilveramASS says:

    JUNK, are you kidding, there so pretty and shiny, lol. My store has a junk box, Man I have grabbed eagles and libertads out of it, the way to go.

  6. MrMnmn911 says:

    thanks for commenting TripleNineFive. Hope you picked up some good ones, and hope your shop will get some nice ones in soon.

  7. Jose Aparicio says:

    Very nice pickups … Got to love the Kennedy’s that’s been one of my 90% coins that I have been collection a lot this year .. Lol

  8. MrMnmn911 says:

    Thanks hotneo7. Man, that’s tough that you can’t pick out your own junk coins (you’re right…”very romantic”…lol). My dealers do pick out the best numismatic coins (they both told me so) but for junk silver they both usually have a great selection and I couldn’t resist buying these beauties. Especially the Roosevelt’s as I don’t really look to buy them but these were very nice.

  9. hotneo7 says:

    Fantastic pick-ups. You’re lucky to have a LCS with a junk bin. The two I have don’t have a help yourself bin and they pick out the 90% for you behind a bullet-proof glass. Very romantic. I’m sure they took out the key dates. Thank goodness for online shopping!

  10. MrMnmn911 says:

    thanks for watching gjcoins. keep stackin’.

  11. gjcoins says:

    nice proof coins

  12. EpicRV says:

    thanks for the info

  13. MrMnmn911 says:

    thanks rocky315w. they really are beauties. Took me about 5 months to finally get around to buying some air-tites for them but I’m glad I did. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  14. MrMnmn911 says:

    thanks CoinBros. That’s what I thought when I laid my eyes on them. The G/S dealer I got them from is a family run business. The family has some good prices and coins. I’m lucky they are there. Thanks for watching. subbed.

  15. MrMnmn911 says:

    Hi EpicRV. I use a Panasonic Lumix DC Vario, it records in 720p. I edit in MovieMaker on my laptop. The G/S dealers I go to often have some very nice coins in their junk trays.

  16. MrMnmn911 says:

    thanks greg. appreciate the view.

  17. MrMnmn911 says:

    thanks coincollector1024. subbed back. Thanks for watching.

  18. rocky315w says:

    very nice junk. most of the junk I get is just that, those are beauties.

  19. TheCoinBros says:

    this aint junk! They are some nice proofs in there!

  20. EpicRV says:

    Great junk! What kind of camera do you use? Your coins are so clear looking on video.

  21. coincollector1024 says:

    Nice junk silver! Subbed.

  22. greg williams says:

    very nice - love the junk 🙂

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