Should I start buying Kilos Silver Coins???? | Silver Coins

Should I start buying Kilos Silver Coins????

Should I start buying Kilos Silver Coins????

Hey guys, putting together this quick video to ask you guys for your opinion. I’ve been buying 1 ozs and I filled up a suitcase. Should I buy another suitcas…
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23 Responses to Should I start buying Kilos Silver Coins????

  1. Benjamin Galarneau says:

    im going 1 oz and up…. I’m new to this and starting to realise the potential investment. Just ordered a 5oz snake, 1oz panda, 1 oz timberwolf, 1oz queen slave on coin… as im starting to stack I will continue to research, but in the end I don’t think it matters what you buy because we are investing in the future? I don’t know im new to this

  2. BlackWizard Zeref says:

    The bigger coins, are rarer and have less premium. There is no limit to how many Perth mint can mint, but they never really mint many of the bigger coins. I like to go both though, one ounce coins are more popular, but the big coins are cheaper, and they look sweet.

  3. 19housecat85 says:

    stick with 1 order a month and stick with the 1 oz at very most get 10 oz, kilos are too big, unless you already have a couple of hundred ozs then 1 or 2 kilos go for it. but you have to think off the time wen your selling some silver you’ll always be able to sell 1 oz coin no problem, 10 oz might be a bit harder if the price rises drematically and kilos will be very hard to sell for a good price. wat you save now on the lower primiums you will lose wen your selling.

  4. o00oZu1o00o says:

    what do you mean “case” : all this should be stored in a safe of course.
    I go mostly with 1kg stuff. They are best for investing, the small coins are good for SHTF bartering.
    And be aware that you can store 9 1 kg ingots in the same place as 5 1 kg australian or armenian coins.

  5. TheVz90210 says:

    Bigger is better, I can’t wait to get a kilo, I calculated that the value is better,.

  6. Silver Holland says:

    I have a Libertad 2011 kilo on the way. Just found out it’s 110mm rather than the Perth’s 101mm. To me, bigger is better. Compare a Lunar 1oz/10oz with a Koala/Kookaburra of the same weight and quality.
    As someone who also sells silver when it’s convenient, I am glad I sold most of my kilo’s. They’re hard to find buyers for, let alone someone to pay the permium you’d have to pay online for older ones. I am moving to smaller coins now. It allows more variety. the big pictures is AWESOME though.

  7. vifcirth says:

    from the day you buy an ounce bigger than 1tr.oz. you become a megalomaniac stacker – remember there are still bigger coins like the 5kg Arche Noah or the 10kg Lunar II Series Snake…

  8. ejt009 says:

    I don’t think you should put too much money into nice looking/high premium coins. Collect low premium silver rounds for awhile. Some of them look pretty nice. Plus you can actually touch them, listen to how they sound, weigh them, measure them with calipers, slide a neodymium magnet off of them because they don’t come in a coffin capsule like the admittedly beautiful Perth coins. Also, is your silver secure? It sounds like you are really space limited.

  9. LeadingWay says:

    buy kilos

  10. heat45jc says:

    You say you’d never buy a 100 oz bar from a private mint and then immediately state afterwards that the biggest silver piece you’d buy would be a 10 kilo coin. You do realize that the Perth Mint 10 kilo coins are 321.5 Troy ounces, right? Also, the Royal Canadian Mint makes 100 oz bars, which are government backed and not privately minted. Any coin with a face value is illegal to melt or refine. Also, every RCM Maple weighs more than 31.1034768 grams. Constantly buying 15 oz + S&H is moronic.

  11. heat45jc says:

    That’s why you get them from silvergoldbull, who gets serial-numbered RCM 100 oz bars mint direct and they video-tape the boxing of every order. They also give free FedEx signature-required, insured shipping to any order of $4999CAD or more. People think 1 oz bars are somehow safer, but the most widely faked silver bars are 1 oz Pan American pieces and fake 1 oz Maples made by Wuda Crafts of China. Unfortunately, you’re always at risk unless you have an LMBA mint-direct source.

  12. Joker0911PL says:

    heat45jc be careful with 100 oz bars very often fake and lead is inside Better to buy 1kg coins. and 10 and 5oz.

  13. mark christopher says:

    U know what? Get the kilo..  ppl will buy but it might take a few to find a buyer. But som3one will buy it regardless

  14. mark christopher says:

    1 oz.

  15. shaolin811 says:

    Ahhhhh Good point. 

  16. adamcook717 says:

    For instance say the spot price shoots back up to like 34 tomorrow then drops back down then back up again you may have trouble selling as people are waiting to buy when it falls.

  17. adamcook717 says:

    You would sell easy at the loss price but if it were a constant up down up down you would have trouble with the kilo. Not so much the single ounces.

  18. adamcook717 says:

    In response about how hard it would be to sell. I believe you would always find a buyer quick with the kilo so there would be no problem unloading in the future. As for selling a bunch of ounces, You would be fine aslong as you beat local competitors. If you sell online you could probably easily sell 30-35 ounces in a single day. Either way I don’t think it would be hard to move unless you were trying to sell at a very vulnerable time say the price keeps rising heavily and losing heavily.

  19. adamcook717 says:

    Now I change my opinion about kilo coins if your gonna buy nows the time aslong as the premium isn’t through the roof on em. Sucks paying $4-$5 premium’s on each ounce atm. If you can grab kilo coins like 0.50-$2 over spot atm do it up!

  20. gold maple says:

    I’ll tell you why kilo coins are harder to sell. It is dependent on the price of silver. If silver market price is high, coin dealers and the public may be a little hesitant to spend a lot of money to buy one. Lastly, it is hard to transport compared to 1 ounce coins , given the weight. 1 ounce coins you can liquidate really easy and over a period of time when you are strapped for cash or when you are moving.

  21. gold maple says:

    Buying Kilo coins are both good and bad. Here are the good points. You will pay a lower premium. It is the fastest way to stack a lot of silver in a short period of time. it is great to buy a kilo coin when prices of silver are really low, like right now. You can get a real bargain especially with kilo coins made by the perth mint. Now here are the bad points. Kilo coins are expensive. Shipping and Insurance is based on weight so expect high shipping costs. It is harder to sell.

  22. 1evilace1 says:

    sorry bandit but you are wrong.far easier to sell smaller lots:)

  23. angeldustnights3001 says:

    I personally think that the bigger the coin, the worse it looks. I am more interested in bars when you get to half kilo or kilos. I have a 100g bar and it looks so cool!

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