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Silver Bars vs Silver Coins

Which form of silver is more appealing? Silver bars or coins? Here are some silver bars and a roll of Indian Buffalo rounds.

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25 Responses to Silver Bars vs Silver Coins

  1. Disasterjunkie4ever says:

    the only reason our money isn’t worth much bc the people in charge are so addicted to war and power the fail to understand that this country can’t afford to have 22 aircraft carriers or wage 2 wars for a decade, or spent 300 billion in a 5th generation jet fighter program, or spent hundred of billion on foreign aid, its just wasteful spending and it has been going of quite some time now.
    Its is sad bc every day Americans are stuck as it if was our fault.

  2. Disasterjunkie4ever says:

    I live in the US and I love the Maple leafs.
    I love the Gold ones bc the US ones have copper in them, small amount but we are charged as a costumer for the 1 troy ounce and I feel like I am being short changed.

  3. Disasterjunkie4ever says:

    I give silver coins for presents, but they are buffed out to make em look shiny which cost a little bit more and I have never had any complaint on them. people love them.

    the non buffed are the ones i keep in the safe.

  4. Disasterjunkie4ever says:

    silver coins all the way.
    no US gold bullions though they put some copper in it.
    go Canadian on the gold.

  5. MrVegiita says:

    a gold standard today would seriously ruin the economy and make those who own gold super rich… although we would like to have honest money, backing currency to gold won’t prevent the corrupt people who are in control of the money supply

  6. silver999junkie says:

    Gold and silver have been used as money and is no fiat look up the gold standard

  7. The Canadian Guy Last says:

    okok thanks man !

  8. MrVegiita says:

    The simple short answer would be to buy coins. If you live in Canada, the Canadian Maple leaf would be good to start with. I favor coins because we still use coins (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters), but we never used gold or silver bars as money.

  9. The Canadian Guy Last says:

    i have a big question in a simple sentence loll is it better to buy bars or coin please write back

  10. MrVegiita says:

    the collapse of the dollar will be bad but i am not sure how bad it will be. it will depend on how the government makes the necessary changes, and how people react to it. I agree that humans give value to what money is, but right now the government forces us to accept currency as money.

  11. mlovmo says:

    “our money isn’t worth much” Okay. If you think precious metals will save you, that’s fine. The thing to remember is that the US Dollar, Silver, Gold, etc are ALL fiat. That is, HUMANS assign value to them. Oh, and if the US Dollar collapses, we are all screwed: Even those of us who have precious metals. (We will be SLIGHTLY less screwed, that’s all).

  12. fatso113 says:

    I went to my local coin shop and bought a sealed Eagle. I have 2 more ounces that were just mailed yesterday that should be here soon. I also ordered a silver panda online that I am very eager to get

  13. mark christopher says:

    Bars all day

  14. MrVegiita says:

    yeah, if i had a decent video editor, i’m sure i could have cut that part out so nobody notices..

  15. MrVegiita says:

    silver prices have come down, but many dealers ran out of stock. Were u able to pick up some coins?

  16. DocScience2 says:

    good job. I have only one comment. When the phone rings, if you just cut right away, and get back, no one knows what the interruption was, except that the phone started to ring. your back to the video immediately anyway, without having this explanation about the phone.

  17. fatso113 says:

    After seeing all of these videos about silver and spending, future investments, dollar collapse etc etc etc, I finally made my first 1oz silver bar purchase today. They seem more appealing to me but I will be buying coins as well in weeks to come.

  18. Brain Thumper says:

    Both will be acceptable… think like dollar bills are now… 1 dollar, 10 dollar… etc

  19. uncleAK47 from the Dirty South says:

    i would hope the bars are as tradable as the coins should the time come?

  20. uncleAK47 from the Dirty South says:

    maybe the blank boxes are for engraving? nice collection

  21. Argentus Androctonus says:

    Good point about the bigger trades. I see Russia, China, Australia, Brazil, and others have already dropped the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. We don;t have much longer before the bottom falls out

  22. MrVegiita says:

    Congrats on your first order! Sounds like you have a good plan. Technically speaking, the dollar has already collapsed over 95% of it’s value since 1913. If we come to a temporary halt and need to use physical goods like gold and silver to trade, then the coins will work better. The bars will be good for bigger trades.

  23. Argentus Androctonus says:

    As a brand new silver stacker (my first shipment is on the way) I will be leaning more toward coins because if the dollar collapses and we are forced to use silver as currency then 10oz bars will be hard to use. Just as we have 1’s, 5’s 10’s, and 20’s in bills, I’m stacking 90%, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, and I also have a 10oz “Snake”(because I couldn’t resist. It looks sweet!). In a collapse most people will not be able to break a 10oz bar, but they’ll be fine accepting smaller increments.

  24. MrVegiita says:

    nice collection 🙂

  25. teencollecteralex says:

    Please check out my first video i have coins for trade

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