2011 Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins – unboxing | Silver Coins

2011 Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins – unboxing

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25 Responses to 2011 Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins – unboxing

  1. BBpests says:

    great review. keep stacking

  2. mark christopher says:

    R u still stacking?

  3. EpicRV says:

    nice i just ordered a roll of the 2012 philharmonics

  4. silverhorder1969 says:

    As long as the powers that be can manipulate the price of silver through the paper market they will, but one day all those people will try to take possession. then all hell will break loose.

  5. swansea007791 says:


  6. sanpedrosilver says:

    Cool roll of Philharmonics. One of my current favorite coins! Smooth edged Mexican Libertads are very cool too !!
    Subbed too

  7. John O says:

    Your reply makes no sense.

  8. Barbralady86 says:

    And today it’s $32.20 :(

  9. ruddo1970 says:

    Here in Australia the Perth Mint ships the rounds already packaged in the protectors. Saves time and lessens chance of handling damage.

  10. ruddo1970 says:

    will never go to zero, and likely will come back big time in the near future. Where is it now by the way?

  11. doc3ACR says:

    so i guess now hes winning again isn’t he? thats why silver is a long term investment and not a month to month venture. let us all know how your dollar is increasing in value wont you buddy.

  12. somzok says:

    Precious Metal House is the best place to buy silver if you live in Canada.

  13. i986scripto says:

    When I order and its shipped via ups I get charged a bullshit “brokerage fee” Do you get that with fedex up into canada?

  14. lamebubblesflysohigh says:

    Spain will ask for 300 000 000 000€ in fall 2012 (most probably late september). Silver and gold will skyrocket up again.

  15. Fire23eater says:

    Just keep on stacking you ignorant fool. I will keep my money in dollars and will win!

  16. OMGATKS says:

    Love to see the pure hater trolls making comments about this guys investment. Let me guess? you own ZERO silver. I’m i right? can i get a hell yea? Yea you own ZERO silver. How do you make fun of a game that you can’t play in? Keep on hatin and we will keep on STACKIN!

  17. Fire23eater says:

    LOL I hate to break it to ya bud but silver has dropped a fuck ton! You lose! 🙂

  18. hhhk20 says:

    Not sure why you chose to purchase Philharmonics if your intention is to make a profit. Privately minted rounds are less expensive. Also not sure why you chose to spend money on those coin holders when the tube from the mint is air-tight. Seems like a lot of unnecessarily spent money.

  19. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    AHAHAH, True. and thank you

  20. RockyMountainPrepper says:

    bbb is a joke. nice coins though.

  21. pkbjorn35 says:

    I got my amount of silver coins. I love them. But there are no one to sell them too. So i just keep em for my Own self and in case shtf. 🙂

  22. ndrthrdr1 says:

    I love the sound they make when you clink them together,
    Sounds like real money!

  23. admx94 says:

    Nice coins… I just don’t like the theme of them.

  24. MrTreylynch says:

    Wanna send one a poor collectors way?

  25. zaidi ramli says:

    what a beautiful coin..

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