If you travel over in Asia, especially China, you can find some place selling counterfeit coins, usually the silver variety, Morgan Silver Dollars, United St…
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  1. Myles Fitzgerald says:

    Why do you have soooooo many? Your either the worlds biggest sucker or a scam artist trying to at least get a little good karma by posting this hahah

  2. hailherrosner says:

    There is no American Trade Dollar from 1798, if you know anything about coins, you will know that the Trade Dollar started in the mid 1800’s around 1850, therefore it is a fake, LOL!!

  3. coinsnnotes says:

    One troy ounce (toz) is 31.10 grams. So the weight should be around (by this I mean within a 1/20 of a gram) 31.10 grams.

  4. Beldeu Sandhu says:

    Many fakes produced in China have found their way into South-east Asia and Japan, including those produced using high pressure casting technology but this technology cannot produce mint luster and mirror surfaces. There are ‘shops’ that make modern fakes with dies and may add chop-marks, too. They do not reach 26.4 or 26.7 or 27.0 grams in weight. These fakes are not silver coins but mints in China did mint popular coins in trade (Morgan, BTDs) that are silver coins but weigh 26.4 grams.

  5. Mike Wadas says:

    How can you tell if you are truly getting 1 full ounce?

  6. loh1110 says:

    Hello, I just bought my first ASE coins and noticed some issues. I got the 20 pack that comes in the mint tube and some have scratches on the face surface caused by the edges of other coins, leaving a shiny, very noticeable mark on many of them. Also, the surface between Lady Liberty and the words “In god we trust”, the background surface, is not flat like the rest of the coin. Is this normal? This is my first time seeing this coin so I have no reference. Please help. Thanks

  7. Jtaylor1 . says:

    Counterfeit coins are called “slugs”.

  8. TheDLifestyles says:

    WHOA I would have never known by just looking at them

  9. greg williams says:

    wow - thanks for the info – great vid 🙂

  10. berndigity says:

    where did you buy the magnet you have in the video?

  11. Slim Charles says:

    I avoid counterfeit stuff but just buying modern bullion coins. No-one is going to go to the trouble of making a convincing replica of a 2011 silver eagle because even the deal is relatively cheap.

  12. RLS0812 says:

    How did you end up with that double pile of fakes ?

  13. First Last says:

    Thanks for posting. I tend to buy slabbed coins now…after getting burned with cleaned coins. No conterfeits thankfully. I’ve just found it easier to buy and sell if I have a reputable grading company behind the coin.

  14. UKCoinsAndCurrency says:

    where did you get all those counterfeit coins from – hope you didnt buy them thinking they were real!

  15. VetteWay2Fast says:

    Pretty soon were all gonna have to carry around a portable ultrasound because of these fakes. Acid test would work to obviously but i don’t like destructive tests. Some are saying some of these ingots might be finding they’re way into distributers eventually cause the quality is so good

  16. VetteWay2Fast says:

    Excellent video, thanks for sharing this information. Its scary how good some of the more recent counterfeits are, I’ve seen the vids of 1 oz sunshine, silvertowne and pan am bars being faked. Whets even worse is they’re mixing metals of higher and lower density to get the right ratio to weigh and be the same size. (cont.)

  17. 010110001010102 says:

    This video is a perfect visual for the quality of the look of the counterfeit coins that are currently being produced in China. Every collector needs to take a scale, magnet and a measuring tool with then with them when looking to purchase silver coins and bullion.

  18. Mark Allen Channel says:

    I just came across them over the years, acquired from traveling abroad overseas. Some of them make their way to online auction sites, pawn shops, etc.

  19. goldhunting says:

    why did you collect all those?

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