FAKE Chinese U.S. Silver Dollars, Coins | Silver Coins

FAKE Chinese U.S. Silver Dollars, Coins

FAKE Chinese U.S. Silver Dollars, Coins

BEWARE, fake coins are flooding the market from China. Know the weights and appearance. Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Look for finish that is rough, rust…

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17 Responses to FAKE Chinese U.S. Silver Dollars, Coins

  1. dentian1 says:

    I got a bunch of well made ‘fake’ coins that weigh, look and sound exactly the same as real morgans. they are also not attracted to magnets since they are also silver. Really nice for collecting, i bought 4 of them.

  2. coins rus says:

    imagine how many are out there

  3. upgrader99 says:

    But specific gravity is a dead give away for silver. Not for gold. But I guess if you ask a tech geek if doing that work is hard, you’re going to say “no.”

  4. UniqueDesigns41 says:

    I have all the testing methods; acid, digital scale, measurement calipers & neodynium rare earth magnets and use most on every new silver coin I get, that are the type that might get forged by China or and other country.
    Specific gravity is too much work and not necessary.
    Any Sterling jewelry gets the acid test.

  5. upgrader99 says:

    I’ve got a video up that’s pretty definitive for discerning fake vs real with 3 tests. Weights, details, specific gravity (which can be done with digital scales). And if you want to see what the wrath of being delivered a fake to me is, I also destroyed a fake kook from ebay.

  6. UniqueDesigns41 says:

    Throwing these around doesn’t show us visual proof of what makes them fake.
    How about melting off the plating with some acid on half of these fakes by simply dipping them into the acid so you will always see the base metal on just half of both sides.

  7. mode bazooka says:

    The coins are from Afghanistan and you are saying they are made in China? LOL Someone seriously hates China for no reason.

  8. mark christopher says:

    Will not eat b eating dim sum for awhile. This is not cool.

  9. fountaincap says:

    The problem with doing that is someone might buy it at $3-$5 then sell it back to an inexperienced buyer at an inflated price. Wouldn’t want to see fellow silver stackers get ripped off.

  10. fountaincap says:

    I don’t think it’s anything as malevolent as envy of our culture. The Chinese generally just like to make money and have no qualms about making cheap imitations to do it.

  11. jkrogstad5 says:

    Well that’s not good. Those communists. It truly seems to me that China is envious of our lifestyle and culture. Faking our cars (ford) and our money, and countless other things. I just can’t trust them

  12. AK SilverNuggets says:

    Drill them full of holes.

  13. Junius Maltby says:

    will do

  14. Frank Mclovin says:

    dont forget about the bars.. i made a video this morning of me discovering fake pan american bars from ebay. check it out.

  15. Rodger Wilson says:

    What is the weight?

  16. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    why destroy them? put them on ebay as “replica coins” and you could fetch like 3-5$ per coin!

  17. mcrfuse says:

    that mercury dime is obviously real.

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