How to clean silver coins – The Bullion Channel | Silver Coins

How to clean silver coins – The Bullion Channel

In this video I show how to take a silver coin, such as a junk silver half-dollar, quarter, dime, etc, and remove all of the tarnish and make it shiny or “bl…

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12 Responses to How to clean silver coins – The Bullion Channel

  1. javamanV3 says:

    Thanks for the video – good tips. I fall in the middle of the argument, partly because i love an old coin tp look old – It is fine for a 65 Kennedy Half to be all shiney, but if i see an 1800s coin all shiney, it immediately says “cleaned!”. Plus some coins look very cool in their real state. Thanks for the truely usefull video for those newer coins 😉

  2. TheBullionChannel says:

    Indeed.  I also do awesomeairguns.

  3. WeAreTwoDoorsDown says:

    I knew it from the voice! You’re also The iBookGuy! Your voice is just unique and I could tell right away!

  4. thebullionboys says:

    No…this won’t work for “Milk Spots”…what milk spots actually are is borax residue leftover from the minting process which finds its way into the water the coins are washed in. Clearing like this only removes tarnish (silver sulphate) so this won’t work. As most Milk Spots appear on mirror finish & .9999+ coins (’09 RCM Maples especially!!), any attempt to remove them almost always leaves tell tale abrasion marks.
    The best way I’ve heard is to GENTLY rub the effected area with a pencil eraser

  5. bracoop2 says:

    But to each his own I guess..

  6. bracoop2 says:

    If you’re gonna sell that silver for money ever, most serious buyers would pass on these. Cleaned coins are problem coins.

  7. Mr68satellite says:

    I like them clean also

  8. HeavyToo says:

    Time consuming! Need a good brush for sure

  9. TheBullionChannel says:

    Good question. I’ve never tried. I bet it would, though.

  10. Washingstone says:

    does this work on milk spots as well ?

  11. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    Im pro-cleaning too 🙂 i just dont clean high value coins because i dont want to lower its value when i sell it but otherwise i wouldnt care

  12. MurrayNetworks says:

    I too am pro cleaning. The same applies to antique guns. They say not to refinish the metal or wood. But, I would want it to look new, not old and rusted.

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