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APMEX Unboxing – Armenia Noah’s Ark Silver Coins

Upon watching Lancoa’s video on the Noah’s Ark coins, I decided to pick up a few ounces myself. In this video are a tube of 20 half ounce +1 extra and a 5 ou…
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25 Responses to APMEX Unboxing – Armenia Noah’s Ark Silver Coins

  1. bobbyred says:

    Very Nice love the Ark…

  2. Jay Gregorio says:

    Very nice coins.
    It seems they are gaining in popularity lately.
    They are minted in Germany, mainly by Geiger Edeelemetalle and by Leipzig (some of the big sizes. So you are buying German quality coins. (I think the same goes for the Somali Elephants).
    Your videos are very enjoyable. Keep them coming. Thanks.

  3. SalivateMetal says:

    That’s exactly the reason why I like the thikcer coins and bars. Well stated!

  4. SalivateMetal says:

    I haven’t checked lately. I didn’t keep the paper work on these. But, it seemed to have a bit of a premium. APMEX can be a bit pricey overall. Yeah, if you can find soem one ouncers at a good price, pick them up. They are some nice coins.

  5. SalivateMetal says:

    Yeah, I think they improved quality control for 2013. I haven’t seen one in person. This is a relatively new series, began in 2011. So, not as many have hit the marketplace yet. Don’t have mintage figures.,

  6. godrulztheearth says:

    I just picked up one last month and I love it. it looks like a proof coin and it only cost $28.00 for the one ounce coin. do you know what the mintage is? I don’t see too many of these around and since the quality is so high i’m thinking that it could go up numismatically over the next few years. nice video.

  7. SalivateMetal says:

    Thanks Silver Vince. I wis there wasn’t a crack in the case. But, the coin looks good. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  8. Silver Vince says:

    love the 5 oz’er ! very nice

  9. Silver Stackz says:

    Nice coin might get one myself

  10. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Nice additions, the Noah’s ark coins are pretty sharp looking. Will be adding to the stack when I can

  11. SalivateMetal says:

    I’d love to get the biggest one they have.

  12. Joker0911PL says:

    noah ark is good, im going to buy 5oz or 10 oz one

  13. SalivateMetal says:

    In retrospect, I wish I had bought a one ounce with the order.

  14. MrMnmn911 says:

    Nice buy. I’ve been wanting the 1 oz. Noah’s Ark for a while now.

  15. SalivateMetal says:

    Thank you Greg!

  16. SalivateMetal says:

    Yes, on the 5 ouncer they are. But, not on the half ounce.

  17. SalivateMetal says:

    Sure thing. Thank you for watching!

  18. SalivateMetal says:

    Thank you very much!

  19. SalivateMetal says:

    Thanks Brian!

  20. SalivateMetal says:

    Not sure. I don’t have one of those yet. Might have to pick one up.

  21. SalivateMetal says:

    Thanks Lancoa! It’s fun to see the new coins in person. But, the videos like yours help inspire.

  22. lanceoa says:

    any idea whats on your list next? Im thinking Fiji taku 13!

  23. lanceoa says:

    wow… thanks for the name drop.. great job on the review! I think my 5’er had a little blemish action on the rim… thumbs up my friend!

  24. Brian TheLog says:

    Cool coins my friend good additions to the stack!!

  25. Quevida55silver says:

    I meant style .. Subbed. 🙂

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