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“Damaged” Silver Eagles as Prepper Silver

www.greatnorthernprepper.com I mentioned before how Bullion Direct has been offering “Damaged” Silver Eagles for a price less than “mint” silver eagles. This…

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7 Responses to “Damaged” Silver Eagles as Prepper Silver

  1. True FreeSpeech says:

    interesting music at the beginning whats it called?

  2. loh1110 says:

    Hello, I just got my first ASE in the mint tube and noticed some issues. Some have scratches on the face-surface caused by the edges of other coins, leaving a shiny, very noticeable mark on many of them. Also, the surface between Lady Liberty and the words “In god we trust”, the background surface, is not flat like the rest of the coin. There seems to be a bulge in that area. Is this normal? Please help. Thanks

  3. greatnorthernprepper says:

    Silver will outperform gold in the long run, as long as the market is not tampered with by outside influences

  4. greatnorthernprepper says:

    in regards to the how much i think it was around $1.02 over spot at the time

  5. lanceoa says:

    I like the pickups.. still will appreciate as silver chases gold.

  6. greatnorthernprepper says:

    When I bought them I paid a dollar over spot. Why did they scratch them? I dont know it may have been so that people couldnt buy them at a discount and then sell them as “real” silver eagles. I bought them for silver content with the added factor of it being a recognized coin. I know in terms of silver investing for collecting or for quick buys and sells it WAS NOT A GOOD investment, but that is not my goal 🙂

  7. TheSilverlover999 says:

    Silver when exposed to air overtime will tarnish. Baking soda and a boiling water would remove them easily. tarnish is not a big issue as far i am concern. but why would they scratch them to put a cross mark on them? They deliberately damage the coin. How much did you buy for a scratched mark silver coin?

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