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Extremely we are nearly halfway via 2013, the longest day beckons, the nights will soon be drawing in and, of course the 2014 MEDAL YEARBOOK will go to press. Every year I am amazed at how short the time span amongst a single book and the subsequent appears to be, but I am assured that it genuinely is a full 12 months in between launches (this year, as each and every year, we are launching at the OMRS Convention in London on September 22). The YEARBOOK is, as most of you know, the “handbook” for the hobby—not only is it extremely helpful as a price tag guide, telling readers of prevailing trends and helping you buy and sell at the appropriate cost, but it is also invaluable for identification as effectively as being a mine of other info (order of wear, regimental pedigrees, dealer directory, museum directory, et al) all of which medal collectors and dealers alike locate helps their hobby no end.

This “comment” is not nonetheless, a marketing and advertising sermon extolling the virtues of what we contemplate to be an indispensable guide (we would say that, wouldn’t we?) but rather it is when again a plea for assist. You see, the whole point of the YEARBOOK isn’t just to make Token Publishing some income: yes we are a business, yes we exist to give the Directors and employees a wage but in the end we see our books and magazines as much more than simply a indicates to an end. We are actively component of this hobby—we gather ourselves and have a vested interest in assisting the hobby in any way we can. We don’t just create the YEARBOOK from some isolated office, with no expertise of the market and no interest in regardless of whether the details are appropriate or incorrect. Very apart from skilled pride and the desire to make a top-notch item we really use the book ourselves and if it is wrong we endure also. With this in mind we try, each and every year, to make the most correct, up to date handbook attainable, but often we can not do that with no the assist of these far far more knowledgeable than ourselves. Among us we have a pretty decent information of medals, constructed up over decades of collecting but we don’t know every little thing, far from it, and are frequently in awe of those whose information far outstrips our personal. It is to these folks that we turn every year to aid us compile the YEARBOOK, but even they don’t know everything and we know there are specialists out there who have the most intricate specifics stored following years of collecting—many of them are readers of MEDAL NEWS and the MEDAL YEARBOOK and it is to them that I make this appeal. Look via a YEARBOOK, go to the medals that represent your certain region of experience and please, please check the entry—and if it is incorrect or can be improved then inform us! We aren’t proud, we’ll accept criticism (if warranted of course—we had one particular gentleman complain that he had been asked a sum for a trio that far exceeded our YEARBOOK pricing. He was really indignant and claimed the dealer and ourselves have been in league to rip folks like him off. It wasn’t until half way via the conversation that he revealed the fact that the trio was to an Officer killed on the First Day of the Somme . . .) and we really do want to hear from you.

The point of the YEARBOOK is that it is for everyone in the hobby. It is created to aid expand the hobby, to aid it thrive and develop, to make certain that there is enough interest in medals and medal collecting in years to come that we may possibly have someone to pass (sell?) our collections to rather than have them collect dust, forgotten in an attic somewhere. The YEARBOOK may possibly be our “baby”, but that child can’t fulfil its possible with no your assist. So please, aid the YEARBOOK assist the hobby: assist make it as good as it can possibly be and if you see anything that needs changing inform us—but please do make confident you know your stuff. Final year we changed the Mercantile Marine ribbon round (we reversed the colours) after a number of individuals wrote in to inform us that they thought we had it wrong. In fact we hadn’t, we’d had it correct for years, so this year it is being swapped over once again! Thanks to all those who have pointed out the error! So there you have it: my plea for the 2014 YEARBOOK is aid us make it what it should be—it will aid us all in the lengthy run. I look forward hearing from you in the next couple of weeks.
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