6:45 For the SILVER! This is the first time I ever searched coin rolls for silver coins, and I scored 20, 40% silver coins! coinflation (dot) com for the val…

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  1. boochieboy814 says:

    I did sell the silver coins, but I never got anymore to search through, no.

  2. Steve HazelnutJr says:

    that’s a lot of money to spend on half dollars… are you going to sell some silver ones to buy more?

  3. CoinsOnly52 says:

    false, the only nickels that contain silver are 1942-1945

  4. john smith says:

    I was doing this exact same thing back in 1980…lol…..I was ahead of my time I guess. Back then it was almost 20% of the coins were 40% silver and silver was about $40/oz. Good to know this can still happen.

  5. max8987 says:

    Are you retarded? Your math is the same shit as his….

    500-400 = 100….

    he made 100 dollars. Thats a LOT of effort for 100 bucks!

  6. 777aterial says:

    1942-1945 nickels are 35% silver.

  7. boochieboy814 says:

    Well, the government got savvy to it in 1970 and stopped making the coins meant for circulation out of precious metal, but banks don’t have time to sort through every coin and every piece of paper money that comes in. They are not in the business of coin collecting. Granted, some bank tellers may keep an eye out for the silver coins but most people don’t even know to look. Even still, there will always be coins that slip through the cracks and allow people like us to find them.

  8. Cmoth040 says:

    I’m sure banks have got to be getting savvy about this. Why wouldn’t they filter through the coins received and remove the coins that possibly have collectible values?

  9. stephen john gray says:

    no..just because you are a moron….don’t have a nice day.

  10. edwardnorton04 says:

    I go to the bank on a regular basis, purchasing rolls of pennies, nickels, and dimes (I used to get half dollars, and found a good amount of both 40% and 90% silver coins, but then I went a while and found none, and stopped). In the past couple of years alone, I must have found just shy of 5,000 wheat pennies, about 250 war nickels, and numerous silver dimes (including a few mercury and two barber dimes). Bottom-line is that people rarely check their change. With that said–good for you boochie.

  11. UnclePutin says:

    Nice video. When my grandma died in the mid-1990s she left behind rolls and rolls of pre-1964 silver coins. At the time I think silver was worth less than $10/oz and I took them to two coin dealers who paid about $2500 total. I’m sure they did not pay what the coins were worth at the time but we needed to liquidate everything to raise money for a move. At today’s prices I’m sure they would have brought well over $10k if we had researched the dates and sold them for fair market value.

  12. Dylan Gipe says:

    1964 and under is silver for dimes and quarters pennys 1958 and under are known to be wheat pennys the 1943 war nickle is 35% silver later back known as the barber coin set there was once a nickle known as a v nickle which has silver in it in 43-44 the pennys where made out of steal. if you have a copper penny from 1943 sell it it is worth a around a million.

  13. Steelgreyeyes says:

    1942 (late) through 1945 have silver content. 35 to 40 percent is the correct percentage.

  14. Ryan Mannion says:

    No he is right, 1965-1970 halves are 40% silver while pre-1964 are 90% silver

  15. enistines says:

    1965-1970 are 40% silver .50 peices

  16. Sam Z says:

    You are wrong, 1964 and below are silver.

  17. Thomas Williams says:

    great video

  18. boochieboy814 says:


  19. Donald Nevin says:

    Whats the name of that web sight you mentioned??

  20. kevinwulf123 says:

    you are wrong. 1970 and before are silver

  21. MultiBart100 says:

    Every bank must take coin from people, loose or rolled, they are required to by law. I’ve been doing this since the early 80’s, there is still a lot of silver out there.

  22. Chuck E Cheese says:

    you are wrong, its 64.

  23. p10leadman says:

    best time is Friday, just before closing, when the banks have payed out rolls during the day, and Friday as a pay day.
    Federal crime melting down coins for scrap!

  24. deltaray3 says:

    Maybe 1978 was when they were rolled.

  25. kevinwulf123 says:

    your wrong its 1969 and down

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