Silver Picking Advice. How to get Free Silver Coins and Rare Bank Notes! Garage Sales Not Necessary | Silver Coins

Silver Picking Advice. How to get Free Silver Coins and Rare Bank Notes! Garage Sales Not Necessary

In this video I pass on some worthy information about how to get free silver coins. It has worked pretty well for me so far, and I hope it will work for you …
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25 Responses to Silver Picking Advice. How to get Free Silver Coins and Rare Bank Notes! Garage Sales Not Necessary

  1. marcel fortin says:


  2. crazycrash2 says:

    the coin shop I work at sells the stamped 2 dollar bills for 5 dollars each

  3. Jiggle Master says:


  4. Jiggle Master says:

    Yes but condition is everything. What type of not is it? $1 $5 $10 ..

  5. daonlybg says:

    ’65-’70 Half Dollars are 40% silver.
    ’64 and before half dollars are 90% silver.
    1964 and before quarters and dimes are 90% silver.
    Only certain nickels from 1942 are made from silver.
    Nickels from 1943-1945 are made from silver.
    That’s a start to junk silver collecting!

  6. BeatlesFanSonia says:

    I have a bill that says “silver certificate” on it. Is that worth anything?

  7. Matthew Baumann says:

    Okay, right. I gotcha. I’m trying to explain to someone that if you kept ten silver dollars from 1967, they would have more purchasing power than $10 in a savings account from 1967. Their argument is that the face value stays the same so they really don’t have any more purchasing power than $10 in the bank.

  8. Larkinchance says:

    Silver coins are a separate medium of exchange.. You may see both coin and paper withdrawn from circulation in favor of electronic transactions but the silver coins have little or nothing to do with their face value..but they still can be used as a medium of exchange

  9. Larkinchance says:

    I had a similar experience with 3 boxes of halves.. I think I got 3, 40%’s

    The truth is that the big users of half dollars are casinos who make it a business to sort out the silver.. and with proliferation of casinos from one end of the country to the other, Your chances of a $500. box is slimmer and slimmer..

  10. Matthew Baumann says:

    Do you think it’s still worth it to buy silver coins when the USA and Canada are becoming cashless societies like Sweden?

  11. la19881 says:

    Not pre 64, but pre 65. 1964 Dimes, Quarters, and Halves are good.

  12. bigbrother19911994 says:

    does 70 still have silver

  13. ayron711 says:

    Another good way I have found is to check out the non popular auction sites, some people will put precious metals up really cheap with not reserve and since its not a huge auction site like ebay the coins sell very cheap. I seen an American Eagle starting at .99 cents at with no reserve!!

  14. W.NILLSSON P says:

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  15. Silverpicker says:


  16. Casey Indiana Digger Reynolds says:

    what is 70 to newer?

  17. Matthew Baumann says:

    I should do that! She refers them to the antique store down the street so they can buy them (most likely for less than spot price). I’ll definitely be hitting the yard sales hard this summer. There is still snow up here in Nothern Ontario.

  18. Silverpicker says:

    That’s frustrating. Tell her you’ll give her more.

  19. Matthew Baumann says:

    My bank teller told me that she sends people to the antique store when they have silver dollars. I would love it if she saved them for me or gave my phone number to these dudes.

  20. Silverpicker says:

    By the date. 90% is pre-1964. 40% is ’65-70

  21. autograph415 says:

    im new to collecting how do you know whats 40 percent and whats 90 percent

  22. Silverpicker says:

    That is so awesome!

  23. blbracing55 says:

    I have someone who works at the bank that I know and she got me an 1883 Morgan silver Dollar coin

  24. ChampsDeFraises10 says:

    Good video that presents some useful ideas. Keep the videos coming!

  25. Silverpicker says:


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