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Tour of European Cities and Landmarks on New Coins

The Treasury of the Island state of Niue have launched (11th July) two new coins which spend tribute to the “Old Continent” Europe’s most nicely-recognized and preferred travel destinations.

Continents Europe Silver Coin

The two coins have cleverly and artistically blended the most familiar landmarks of six of Europe’s greatest destinations which incorporate the Tower Bridge in London, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Coliseum in Rome, St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Cologne and the Parthenon in Athens. The buildings also reflect different types of architecture and historical periods when the landmarks have been built. Behind all of the landmarks, a map of the European continent can be noticed.

The obverse includes attributes or symbols related with geography, travel and discovery –that of a globe, telescope and a map. A tiny cameo portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II is positioned to the middle left edge of these oblong or oval-shaped coins.

Continents Europe Gold Coin

Struck by the Mint of Poland, Warsaw in each gold and silver to proof good quality, the gold coin has a restricted mintage of just 100 pieces.







two Dollars

.999 silver

56.five grams

41.6 x 55.6  mm.


2000 pieces

100 Dollars

.999 gold

three ounces

41.6 x 55.6  mm.


one hundred pieces

For much more details on these and other coins presented by the Treasury of the Island state of Niue, please check out the site of the Mint of Poland’s collector and retail service centre, Skarbeic Mennicy Polski at: Information is supplied only in Polish and orders are dispatched to destinations in Poland.

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