Collecting Coins: What Are The Types And Pricing? | Silver Coins

Collecting Coins: What Are The Types And Pricing?

Collecting Coins: What Are The Varieties And Pricing?

Mints usually come up with coins, medals and tokens that go on to turn into collector items. Commemorative coins are very widespread, like coins for the Olympics or some other historically important event like the landing on the moon by Apollo. A collectible coin has to be examined by the dealer before it can be assigned a price tag tag. The 1st examination will place the coin in the category of either denomination or variety.

These coins come in different denominations like half cent coins, seated quarters, huge sized cents, 3 cent nickels and so forth. Most collectors like to gather sets but given that sets can prove steep on the pocket they settle for at least a single of every single type. Some of the much more common types are silver dollars, dimes, nickels, the uncommon half dollar, cents and quarters.

Silver dollars would be priced much more than the denomination it carries due to the fact of the silver content in it. Common among these are the Morgan’s which had been minted from 1878 to 1921 and the Peace Dollar which created an appearance in 1921 to 1935, deemed the best addition to a collector’s current set.

The dimes began off in 1792 as 90% silver and ten% copper but the silver content started to drop and in 1965 the value was debased. The dime now became 75% copper and 25% of nickel as these had been not valuable metals. The older dimes are naturally worth a lot more than their successors. Amateur collectors do manage to discover the Barber Dime that was minted 1892 to 1916 and the Mercury Dime minted 1916 to 1945, which are now rare items.

By definition a nickel is 1/20th of a dollar and is typically produced of an alloy of nickel and copper. Renowned nickels are the Liberty Head “V” minted 1883 to 1913 and right here a really authentic 1913 is quite uncommon and worthwhile and has many counterfeits to its name. Then 1913 to 1938 saw the arrival of the buffalo nickel. In the course of Planet War II the nickels minted had been generally of a composite of metals like silver, manganese and copper.

Among the increasingly rare coins a single notices that the 1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar is deemed a true uncover despite becoming relatively recent. Along with this, quarters are even much more hard to discover like the Standing Liberty minted 1916 to 1930, which is very sought following and the Barber minted 1892 to 1916, is even much more so. Cents have their own place in the coin collector’s album. They have been minted considering that 1856 and now come beneath diverse collectible categories. The Flying Eagle Cent minted 1856 to 1858, the Indian Head Cent minted 1859 to 1909 and the Wheat Black Lincoln Cent minted 1909 to 1958 are some of the coins sought soon after by collectors.

Beneath specialty categories, one generally finds foreign coins which are no longer in circulation and of a decent age. This would incorporate the gold coins minted before 1933 like the Gold Dollars minted 1849 to 1899 and the Double Eagles, also recognized as the twenty dollar gold pieces, minted 1849 to 1933 and commemorative editions which come out from time to time. Tokens and medals kind a collection if they are of the subway and metro types but are not individually classified as coins per se. They become beneficial if they are denoting some historical event etc.

After this basic categorization is accomplished, the dealer then goes on to the subsequent step of grading the specimen coin.

258/365 Old Silver Coins
silver coins
Image by Theophilus Photography
Picked up these old silver coins these days. Got them at a decent price tag. Now these are what is referred to as &quotjunk&quot due to the fact they are only worth the silver content. Some suggestions, never clean &quotany&quot old coin, even the junk ones as it detracts somewhat from the value. Very best coin in this lot is the Morgan dollar. It is truly good but I believe it as well has been cleaned. 🙁

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  1. tpurk says:

    nice shot – you were able to capture how smooth some of those are.

  2. NeilPas says:

    Nice collection, Joe. Will this be part of a collection you already have, or is this just the beginning?

  3. Theophilus Photography says:

    [] In addition to the other silver I collect!

  4. ycervantez says:

    Nice coins! I agree, the more it’s cleaned the more you can not tell the detail. The Morgan dollar is pretty!

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