How to Make a Silver Coin Ring – Washington Quarter Style | Silver Coins

How to Make a Silver Coin Ring – Washington Quarter Style

How to Make a Silver Coin Ring Don’t worry – this is perfectly legal, so you can sleep at night! It is only against the law if you are manipulating the coin …
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25 Responses to How to Make a Silver Coin Ring – Washington Quarter Style

  1. Noa Singer says:

    Haha my wedding ring only cost me a corter XD naa jk I’ll make one of thos

  2. ZyngaAppTrailers says:

    Where did you buy the cloth

  3. chrysaureus says:

    ….more than 70% of silver lost in the filing, what a waste of a good silver coin…

  4. WolfBoy10 says:

    That’s awesome

  5. Riley Williams says:

    The time lapse sounds like a woodpecker

  6. BrAnDoN062694420 says:

    That’s crazy I love silver rings it looks so legit

  7. zach meechan says:


  8. Jake Torres says:

    I am just using a ordinary 2001 american quarter. Will that work?

  9. EpicEaters iCE tEA says:

    soo u jelous

  10. pipotyyy says:


  11. Michael McBride says:

    This wasn’t copied by another youtuber idiot about a million people know how to do this

  12. AlexzSpencerVidz says:

    Nice idea

  13. Ryan Maybury says:

    This is copied by another youtuber!!!!

  14. Lonnie Meeks says:

    haha dude that’s awesome 

  15. danny davenport says:

    Just use the same strategy on a non silver Oklahoma quarter turned out pretty nice took me about 2 hours to complete and fits my ring finger perfectly thanks for the idea

  16. leroybivins says:

    The silver in the quarter was worth $4. That’s why we’re freaking out.

  17. choirkitty says:

    Haha love the woodpecker sound! :)

  18. slayermanforthewin says:

    Yes, but it takes a little while longer, and it wont look as nice.

  19. Dogs8484 says:

    Demoniic yes it works for non silver coins. I also recommend using half dollars instead of quarters

  20. Saul Castillo says:

    I’m gonna make one out of a Chuck E Cheese coin.

  21. mrmoonmuffin says:

    1:17 woddy the wood pecker nose lol

  22. hailey1454 says:

    what ring size does this usually make?

  23. MarkerD2 says:

    The Streets

  24. Demoniic says:

    Does this work for non silver quarters? PLEASE RESPOND

  25. Demoniic says:


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