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Alice Paul Proof Coins, Making American History Set Sold Out

Alice PaulAccording to the US Mint&#8217s site, the proof version of the Alice Paul and the Suffrage Movement $ 10 Gold Coin and the Making American History Coin and Currency Set have sold out.

The Alice Paul coins are an issue of the First Spouse Gold Coin Plan, as needed beneath the authorizing legislation. The coins represent the Presidency of Chester A. Arthur, who served in workplace with out a spouse. Alice Paul, who was instrumental in gaining ladies the proper to vote, was born on January 11, 1885 throughout Arthur&#8217s Presidential term. For other Presidents who had served in office with out a spouse, the legislation had necessary an image emblematic of the notion of Liberty as represented by a United States coin issued throughout the period of service. These four coins containing classic U.S. coin designs came to represent the popular &#8220Liberty Subset.&#8221

The Alice Paul Suffragist Coins had been supplied for sale beginning on October 11, 2012 soon after a lengthy delay caused by production concerns for the series. This problem represented the initial of four 2011-dated coins released in speedy succession throughout the final months of the year.

According to the most current numismatic sales data released nowadays, the proof version of the coin has reached sales of 3,502 units. This figure comes in beneath the final reported sales for the proof coin mintages for the 2011 First Spouse Gold Coins. These figures have been 3,907 for Eliza Johnson, three,969 for Julia Grant, 3,885 for Lucy Hayes, and three,655 for Lucretia Garfield.

Considering that the US Mint might have fewer proof coins for the 2011 releases, it may also be feasible that they have made fewer uncirculated coins. This would be considerable because a couple of of final year&#8217s uncirculated concerns came in with significantly low mintages for the series. At the present time, all 2012-dated uncirculated coins continue to be available, with final reported sales ranging from a high of 2,486 for Alice Paul to a low of 2,015 for Frances Cleveland Second Term.

The 2012 Creating American History Coin and Currency Set is also listed as sold out. This item consists of a single 2012-S Proof American Silver Eagle and a single $ five note with a serial quantity starting with &#8220150&#8243. Along with the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, this was the only item to contain a 2012-dated Proof Silver Eagle with the &#8220S&#8221 mint mark.

Sales for the solution initially started on August 7, 2012. Initial production of 50,000 sets was indicated, with an established production limit of no far more than 100,000 sets primarily based on the availability of $ 5 notes with the special serial number.

According to the most recent figures, sales reached 60,000 units at the time of the sell out.


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