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Metal Detecting – The Silver Coin Spill

January 20th 2011 I went metal detecting in the woods behind my house and i found some silver!

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24 Responses to Metal Detecting – The Silver Coin Spill

  1. yuckinfukkinfahoo says:


  2. Ryvhe says:

    “many well known detecting partners” ? The silver coin spill ? lmao you found THREE silver coins !

  3. Ryvhe says:

    you come off like a dick when u answer people you know that..

  4. matthias18aTds says:

    the item at 2:23 is a baby toy

  5. jwhamilton79 says:

    there was a group of confederates Jesse James being one I think it was called k.s.a.they marked trees around where they hide there stash’s of gold they may have been one of there symbols, and people seen the righting and just started signing there names along with it not thinking nothing about may want to research it. may have been knights of the golden circle,K.G.C.if you look you will find what im talking bout,there is a man who has found millions of dollars in gold follow tree sign

  6. popeyerocker2 says:

    you are one lucky bastard, i would be lucky to find one silver in a year!!. good job

  7. Rick Rader says:

    that horse shoe and what looks like a piece of a snaffle bit in the dish could be civil

  8. stephen john gray says:

    dont tell where or what the builing is or where its at cos they will all come and steal your shit..

  9. stephen john gray says:

    yeah it was his mate planting coins for him to find.

  10. stephen john gray says:

    selwyn. pronounced sell win welsh name.

  11. supesonicboom2 says:


  12. supesonicboom2 says:

    Nuggetnoggin, I think you should make a coin find collection sometime, it’s awesome that you find coins almost everytime you go out detecting!!!

  13. 4G63PWR says:

    Murkuree daaaam.

  14. UndeadXenon says:

    hey man can I please buy a mercury dime, I am a coin collector and that would be a great addition to my collection

  15. joe dirt says:

    at 00:46 it looks like someone walks right in front of you about 15yrds

  16. imabadspeler says:

    I love finding old trees with carvings in them.Cool video!

  17. DennisJ51 says:

    Is there a way to anonymously report to the state historical society or archeological office so if you do find anything interesting you can at least give a list of items and locations. I’m sure the museums have enough old dimes and army buttons but these things help to pinpoint locations of historic interest.

  18. Pedro Mendes says:

    Good Coins!
    Look in youtube the name is…
    (Germany Coins MY COLLECTION*) and (Nazi Germany Coins MY COLLECTION*)
    Best Regards!

  19. stuckondrumsssss1968 says:

    Somehow I previously overlooked this video. What an amazing silver coin spill!

  20. TheKabop says:

    So that is a possible yes or a definete no? .3.

  21. michael brown says:

    There is a website that shows really cool and very clear photos. Kind of like google earth. Google HISTORICAERIALS Just type in the address of where your gonna be hunting and it will show all kinds of old SAT photos.

  22. Jaxon Riddle says:

    how do you do your researching before you go hunting?

  23. Lawrence Gladsden says:


  24. TheSnipermalta says:

    none of ur business i think lad

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