Silver Bullion Collection, Bars and Coins | Silver Coins

Silver Bullion Collection, Bars and Coins

Some silver bars and coins I Have collected. + Bonus Kitty. Johnson Matthey, Pamp, Perth mint, Monarch, MPM bars.

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25 Responses to Silver Bullion Collection, Bars and Coins

  1. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Good stuff

  2. Bazzbian says:

    cheers mate. thanks for the sub

  3. Bazzbian says:

    cats and silver make a good combo =P haha thanks

  4. Bazzbian says:

    haha he is always happy! thanks for watching =)

  5. bruceolee says:

    Your cat purrs loud

  6. Glparks1979 says:

    Great collection! And a happy cat!

  7. invisibletim says:

    The ONLY other bad thing about pamp suisse is that you’re paying a high premium for the exact same thing next to it.

  8. toddy1384 says:

    I want that bar lol ill trade u silver plus 1oz let me know or where I can pick one up man great video by the way

  9. toddy1384 says:

    That first 10oz bar is sick bro where did  u pick it up from

  10. Brian Johnson says:

    Hey where exactly did you purchase the Johnson Matthey bar at? I cant find the one you have anywhere? It looks long and narrow as opposed to more square

  11. Ronbo710 says:

    I could look at the silver AND listen to your cat purr all day long 🙂 Cheers !!

  12. masterchrisd says:

    Nice bars!!! Subbed.

  13. lifelessperson1993 says:

    try BullionBourse bro

  14. silver john says:

    johnson mattey is hard to find in the uk iam looking for a 100oz bar to hard to find in the uk

  15. silver john says:

    love your stack nice

  16. Bazzbian says:

    thanks for watching =)

  17. Bazzbian says:

    thanks =)

  18. A1TV53 says:

    Beautiful bars!

  19. greg williams says:

    i like the 3oz bars, and that little one you said you made – awesome size 🙂

  20. Bazzbian says:

    yeah Bullion Borse had some but out of stock now. keep checking they drift in and out sometimes

  21. FPVF6FTW says:

    What did the JM 10 oz set you back? im trying hard to find one in oz but no luck so far 🙁

  22. loh1110 says:

    The pamp is about 30% premium

  23. Astrul7 says:

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  24. Bazzbian says:

    plenty of aussies stackin round here =P

  25. Bazzbian says:

    thanks mate. good buyin @ $2 over spot =)

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