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Silver Coins of Canada Part 1

The silver coins of Canada: Pre 1920: .925 fineness on all denominations 1920-1967: .800 fine/.500 fine 1968: .500 fine Dimes: Pre 1920- .925 Fineness 1920-1…
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3 Responses to Silver Coins of Canada Part 1

  1. ronronronronrooooon says:

    Thanks for this video, very informative. I just got some Canadian coins at well under spot on eBay. For the relatively high purity of .800 I think it’s a great deal.

  2. AuAgPdPtRh says:

    Do you know of any acid tests or electrical conductivity tests that can be used to distinguish 50% silver from 80% silver in the 1967 dimes and quarters?

  3. AuAgPdPtRh says:

    1968 non-silver Dimes and Quarters stick to magnets while the 50% silver Dimes and Quarters do not.

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