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Happy Birthday to us!

I MAKE no excuses for writing this month’s Editorial as a single long “congratulations” to Token Publishing Ltd (and myself if I’m sincere), as this month (April 2013—it may possibly be the Could situation but we are usually a little ahead of ourselves) marks no significantly less than 30 years considering that Token Publishing Ltd came into becoming. We (Mary, my then wife, and I) started perform on the Could situation of Coin & Medal News from our tiny offices above a plumber’s shop in Station Road, Liphook, Hants (the shop is nonetheless there!). I had previously been editing the magazine for Epic Publishing, based in London (obtaining previously been employed in the stamp globe by the auctioneers H. R. Harmer Ltd), but when they decided to sell off their titles I jumped in with both feet and took more than the title I was functioning on. At the time I had no notion what I was letting myself in for, and while there have been trials and tribulations along the way, I can honestly say it was the ideal decision I ever created.

A excellent deal has changed in those past 30 years, each personally and professionally—when I formed Token Publishing Ltd I had my wife functioning with me and each sons were at college . . . now I have a distinct wife, Carol, as my organization partner, my elder son, Philip, is a Director of the organization and my two grandsons are at college! That small office above the plumber’s shop, with just two of us functioning there, has grown to a huge office complicated and a warehouse, with 14 staff and a host of “freelancers”. We have gone from publishing just the one particular title every single month to two magazine titles (COIN NEWS and MEDAL NEWS had been split in 1989), three “yearbooks”, dozens of “one off” books and now we sell accessories as well. But to be truthful there isn’t considerably about any of it I would have changed. I started my professional profession in print, as an apprentice printer’s reader back in 1958, and whilst I’m not fairly ready to fully retire however, when I do I will do so as the Managing Editor of a successful publishing company—you can’t ask for much a lot more than that! Throw into the mix that I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world with this job and that I have met some wonderful individuals, a lot of of whom have become quite great friends, then you will realise just why I really feel very fortunate to have produced that decision 30 years ago to bite the bullet, take out one particular of Maggie Thatcher’s “Enterprise initiative loans” and go for it.

Of course, it isn’t just down to me, or my wife, son or staff—the longevity of this organization has stemmed from darned challenging perform, and from the reality that in the early days we worked our socks off to make it function, frequently staying at the office till three or 4 o’clock in the morning on press days—and in current years Phil has provided up just about each and every spare weekend to make confident he was advertising the business as considerably as achievable at fairs up and down the country. With no all that, and the challenging perform our employees place in as well, we wouldn’t have survived. Of that there is no doubt, but the genuine secret of our achievement is, and constantly has been, the loyalty of our readers and advertisers. No quantity of challenging operate, late nights or weekends away would have meant something unless the dealers were prepared to advertise and the readers have been there to support us, and several of you have carried out so since the quite beginning. So, whilst I am quite proud to have reached this milestone, and will enable myself to be a small smug about it, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, all of you, for the part you have played in receiving Token Publishing Ltd to this point—it genuinely is “Happy Birthday” to us all!
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