Don’t buy silver coins !! | Silver Coins

Don’t buy silver coins !!

NO I AM NOT HIM… lol but I wish I was..
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18 Responses to Don’t buy silver coins !!

  1. 55bino55 says:

    This may be true if you want to sell back your silver at a later date. But if your one who is buying silver for after a USD collapse, I don’t think having 10oz bars would be the best as you can not easily divide that up through a trade. Now, of course having both and diversifying your investment is always a good idea.

  2. Alejandro Cordero says:

    I like coins better

  3. NJalltheway2010 says:

    Does silver protect you against deflation? I like the maples for the simple fact I can take it into a bank and they will give me five dollars for it that means it will never go lower than five dollars. A bar is just a bar no monetary value

  4. richcali21 says:

    the problem here is if you do need to sell some of your silver trying to sell silver bars is tough there is 30X more people willing to buy U.S. silver coins also like in my case here in the U.S. I buy U.S. silver coin something that most people know also I have purchased Brilliant Uncirculated rolls for silver melt at the time that are now worth 10X more than when I purchased if silver drops I still have more than I invested originally you cant loose if you do it this way look at my videos!!

  5. lordsinner says:

    Well in Europe we have taxes on bars and a lesser tax on coins so far…

  6. Bally lolly says:

    Sorry If this offends you but that is the worst website anyone can use to buy silver coins in UK!!!!!!! sarnia silver and CI bullion trounce all over it buy 5 and you pay 32 quid for each? compare that to 28 quid from sarnia try it you will save money and NEVER use bullion by post EVER

  7. ToonandBBfan says:

    Bullion by Post

  8. Bally lolly says:

    from where? tell me nowwwwwwww

  9. ToonandBBfan says:

    The trick is to buy 5 or more then you get discounted price

  10. Bally lolly says:

    buying those coins is rip off especially from the mint who in their right minds will pay 45 quid for one ounce?

  11. ToonandBBfan says:

    I’m British and here in Britain, the 1 oz Silver Britannia coin is exempt from capital gains tax. I can pick up five 1 oz Britannia’s for only a few pounds more than a 5oz bar. the five 1oz coins will give me more options when I come to sell where as a single 5oz bar has to be either sold or kept. Also, paying an extra 7 or £8 for the coins is worth it if I can avoid CG Tax should silver prices ever go sky high!
    Each to his/her own I guess.

  12. razzorbladz says:

    dont buy the fancy pressed bars look for the bars where you can see the pour marks and shrinkage a good eye will be able to spot the cooling effect thats left on a poured bar that you cant get with silver plating

  13. adamcook717 says:

    coins cost an extra 5-10 an ounce even more depending on the coin and I have bars with more detail so even the pretty picture theory is kinda off.

  14. greenmanmo says:

    Coins are easyer to sell. Bars are easier to fake.

  15. Terakasi says:

    Spot on! Numismatics (aka pretty pictures 🙂 are for the fancy folk. Reputable vendor bars rise and fall in value just like the coins do. Therefore, the gain/loss % is relatively the same. Or, as you say… Pretty straight forward and pretty simple.

  16. Nathanimal79 says:

    That being said, I firmly believe that silver is the most undervalued PM on the plvnet and once the (m)asses become privy to the hoax of paper “money”, it’s value will soar. It’s about 1,000 times more USEFUL than gold. Gold is pretty, but silver is an antimicrobial and required for making solar panels and high technology like iPads… and SO much more. Greetings from the United Flakes of Insanity. The land of Greedom.

  17. Nathanimal79 says:

    I largely agree that it always benefits to get it at the lowest premium possible. Conversely, in the (extremely unlikely) event that silver takes a huge dive in price as a commodity, having all of your investment in “generic” bullion, would be catastrophic to everything one hopes to achieve by investing. So, I like to offset that (micro) possibility by investing in coins that have numismatic value as well as silver value. That’s just my two cents worth of devil’s advocate. Otherwise, well done.

  18. Alberto x says:

    i think bars and silver shot considering silver shot is easily distributed i agree f***K the art bars plus silver shot is a bit cheaper than any other for of pure silver that iv’e seen!

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