Ebay Stops Selling Fake & Copy Coins!! Tips To Spot Fakes & Counterfeits. | Silver Coins

Ebay Stops Selling Fake & Copy Coins!! Tips To Spot Fakes & Counterfeits.

Starting Feb. 20, our favorite auction site will prevent sellers from selling copy or fake coins and currency. Additionally, here’s a list of some of the mos…
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25 Responses to Ebay Stops Selling Fake & Copy Coins!! Tips To Spot Fakes & Counterfeits.

  1. silvercoins844 says:

    i wouldnt count on that…..

  2. Numismatic Chalk says:

    informative vid - good stuff

  3. dadoody says:

    Even my Chinese collector friends have a hard time trusting other Chinese sellers.

  4. Kim Him says:

    If they have less than 10,000 feedback, you shouldn’t trust them with your silver.

  5. zorky101 says:

    Hey man, I know there are many coins that are commonly faked, but are the 1943 steel pennies faked? I just bought a lot of 500 wheats on eBay last week and when I opened the bag up, I found 12 proof-quality steels. But something isn’t right about them. They have the luster of aluminum. They are TOO PERFECT. No sign of wear. They weigh the same as the real steels too. I just don’t know about them. Do you know anything about that?

  6. chessdude67 says:

    Thank you for all your advice. As a rookie, I find your videos to be very helpful.

    Keep the videos coming….

    Thanks again!


  7. hypnocil10 says:

    okay genius

  8. Hope Walker says:

    You can take the seller to Judge Judy. You may laugh, but people have done so before. File a small-claims case against them. You can also report them to their state’s attorney, if they are a business, and the BB.

  9. Hope Walker says:

    If you pay through PayPal and can prove that it was a fake, you will get your money back.

  10. Hope Walker says:

    Learn to listen better. He does not say that they will all disappear, but rather that there is a new policy and that there will be a reduction, which is actually what has happened.

  11. Jason Sohigian says:

    Are fakes allowed on that site if they are openly identified as such? For example some people do collect fake ancients to show as examples compared with authentic coins or if they can’t afford an original piece. I see them listed periodically and wonder if a copy is allowed if that is fully disclosed in the listing?

  12. BlueRidgeSilverhound says:

    If the watchdog group would do a better job recognizing some of these fakes, it wouldn’t be a problem. A moron is someone who actually buys into these pieces to begin with, not me man. This video is simply here to notify, but it won’t stop.

  13. Layne Anderson says:

    Man you are a moron. If somebody is selling high quality fakes as real, they aren’t going to stop just because ebay says they can’t do it…..DUH.

  14. hailherrosner says:

    Anyone who buys coins over the internet is an IDIOT, when your buying coins always deal in person, check the coin for yourself, bring along a magnet, if the magnet sticks, then it’s not silver, it’s a fake!! Also bring along a small weight measuring device you can buy from Radio Shack or the Source, if your buying an American Silver Dollar, it should weigh about 26 grams, if it’s less than that, then it’s a fake. Be Smart about collecting, all the coin books tell you how much they weigh!!

  15. hypnocil10 says:

    there still selling them
    wtf are you talking about

  16. Paul Curtis says:

    I also bought a coin out of the bunch which was damaged,I opened a claim for that one as well through EBAY,the seller called immediatly complaining. EBAY RULED THAT PCGS probably damaged it while grading it and no refund! OUT another 200 dollars! STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!

  17. Paul Curtis says:

    By the way,their were 2 fakes I bought last month.One of the sellers and I will mention their ID was roccos and was an accident,they did not know they had it in the collection.THEY GAVE ME A INSTANT REFUND! The other seller which was rosie7495 did all they could not to give me a refund and still havent to this day and ebay did the following afterward! I am out 190 dollars for the gold dollar sold.

  18. Paul Curtis says:

    I just bought a fake coin off ebay,I sent them out for grading and thats how I found out.Ebay claims because it is past the 45 day time frame I don’t get my money back.

    I told them a fake is a fake and it is against their policy.HERE IS WHAT THEY DID: They took my purchase out of my purchase history and then took the sale off of paypal as if the sale never existed WITH NO REFUND! WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS AND WHAT GOVERNMENT AGENCY CAN I REPORT EBAY TO ? STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!!!!!

  19. AuctionEntrepreneur says:

    Love the videos! Wish you could come back!
    I recently started a channel for picking finds similar to this one. Check out my channel to see some of the things I’ve found for eBay resell.

  20. beyondneptooon says:

    Death to China. Filthy hateful chinks.

  21. Nabin Aryal says:

    It would be a shame if you did not get much more income when other normal people do it so easily using Zerlux Cash Code (Google it).

  22. wubbie2002 says:

    One year later and nothing has changed. Have a seller openly selling fake 1984 Engelhards do a search for “novelty Engelhards” and you will find them. The people making these fakes are getting better and better, they have the .999 silver on them plus now they are getting the weight correct too. So much for Ebay protecting people

  23. evilintheeast says:

    Sorry but eBay sucks, I’m in Japan and they made me jump through a bunch of hoops to sell on there, but none of the hoops would have protected you as a buyer. try claiming on International I think it is more than fair to say anything from china is a fake, buy local face to face, is always the best. I have a real nice Fake dragon, come have a look.

  24. evilintheeast says:

    and if they are real dirty they might be hiding the flaws.

  25. SkynyrdTim says:

    If eBay really cared, they would only allow sellers to sell silver and gold coins professionally graded by a reputable company (such as PCGS).

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