My 2009 Metal Detecting finds,the 317 silver coins,part 3.MOV | Silver Coins

My 2009 Metal Detecting finds,the 317 silver coins,part 3.MOV

In part 3 here. Is shown the 317 silver coins I found in 2009,and how I showcased them.I spent the better part of 20 hours a week metal detecting to get thes…

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25 Responses to My 2009 Metal Detecting finds,the 317 silver coins,part 3.MOV

  1. ipodtouchman40 says:

    124 mercs 😮

  2. NatureBoyTroy says:

    Amazing finds! I’m 22 and only been detecting a few days now. I haven’t found any awesome coins yet but I did dig up a very old watch with the hands still on it, a bunch of what I think is cheep jewelry (one may be gold) an old tin from the 30’s that woman’s makeup was in, a token for the bus from 1930 ish to 1970 that was used to get from Pittsburgh from Weirton WV. The one with a W was to get from Pittsburgh to Weirton, mine has a P meaning it was to get to Pittsburgh.

  3. demover7 says:

    You go to the bank and buy rolls of coins, look through them and keep the ones you want.

  4. thekoolaidman156 says:

    what do you mean by coin roll hunting

  5. seloc71 says:

    LARGE chunk of silver!

  6. 219erman says:

    LOL…….R E A L L Y……? ? ?….You must have A L O T of money to spend
    ALL of 2012 Coin Roll Hunting …LOL…Because you did not say you “found” them & that suggests they were not found with a metal detector !….At any rate. You should post a video of end of the year “What SiLvEr Coins I GOT in 2012”. I’d be happy to see that video…Congratulations, and May 2013 get you OVER 2,000 SiLvEr Coins

  7. mintrev says:

    hehe last year i got a total of 1,684 silver coins last year but mainly quarters and dimes and 1 silver dollar and 178 half dollars

  8. 219erman says:

    Sorry it took so long to answer,but since I have uploaded all my videos for the last 15 months on my (AmericanCoinHunting) channel. I rarely check this channel,because it is under another email address that I rarely check. Anyway….You are right..Silver nickles are only 1942-1945…Sorry,I mispoke.Thanks for watching, Dave (Now at) AmericanCoinHunting

  9. Richard Donovan Jr says:

    nice finds, only where r u searching…… ?

  10. marvelousmarv89 says:

    subscribe, comment and like CollectingSilver Channel to enter his silver and gold giveaway. hes a really cool guy. hes giving away 6 oz’s of gold and 40 oz’s in total to several lucky winners. he needs 1000 subscribers, just search for his video title “biggest giveaway in youtube history silver and gold”… like this comment so everyone can see.

  11. TheMkarr says:

    All but melt value destroyed by cleaning these coins. Should have soaked in warm water at the most.

  12. Richard Richter says:

    wow better get out their and look tomorrow

  13. Christopher DigginDirt says:

    219 where do you live, I live in Virginia Beach, over the past two months of having my Garrett AT Pro I’ve been trying to learn the machine. What I’ve learned is most important to my hunts is that I can’t just sweep a site once – I have to keep hitting it, pulling out the trash and then the deeper coins start popping out nicely. Well I’ve only picked up 5 wheats so far but it takes me awhile to pull all the trash out. I’m working on finding a good silver spot and maybe a bit of gold.

  14. MNcoinhunter says:

    Nice finds !

    Enjoy it while it lasts … sooner or later you will have to work for those silver coins like everyone else.

  15. scotttot100 says:


  16. MagicFanMan says:

    Hey cowtipping….some relics are worth much more than silver coins. Get a Fisher F-75. If you learn the machine well, you will be finding stuff that a lot of people miss. Google search Glenn’s Detecting Page and you will see a small fraction of some of my finds in the last 15 years! I found my 1st gold coin on May 3rd 2009. It was a 1881 $5 Gold piece found at a construction site. It’s amazing what’s under your feet!

  17. cowtippingrocks says:

    tthats it, im getting a metal detector!

  18. Brian S. says:

    Wow! quite the collection you have just from a metal detector! Thanks for making all you’re videos, they’re really good. :)

  19. jason royale says:

    if the dollar tanks, you have plenty of bartering power.

  20. xXHousTonXxC600 says:

    how much is dat worth

  21. Photo314159 says:

    So how much in Non-silver coins did you find during this time? It’s got to be way more than this, right?

  22. onceANexile says:

    what kind of metal detector do you use, or like best?…

  23. xNightstormx says:

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  24. T Oadaly says:

    …averages about 1 find for every 3 hours of work? If you enjoy it, that’s great.

  25. 18wheeler76 says:

    its 2012,do you plan on making any vids,or should i unsub ?

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