Perth Mint Strikes 10 Kilo Gold & Silver Year of the Dragon Coins | Silver Coins

Perth Mint Strikes 10 Kilo Gold & Silver Year of the Dragon Coins The Perth Mint’s largest 2012 Year of the Dragon coins are made from 10 kilograms of 99.99% pure gold, and 10 kilograms of 99…

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25 Responses to Perth Mint Strikes 10 Kilo Gold & Silver Year of the Dragon Coins

  1. Jesse James says:

    That hurt my feelings sir… (Sarcasm)

  2. willz horton says:

    That is just sick..Who ever can afford to own a 10 KILO gold coin needs to get robbed and have that coin melted down to be given to poor people.

  3. res1492 says:

    imagine how big the soda machine would be for that coin…

  4. Thierry LE GOFF says:

    At the end all the coin surface is… frosty, I would have prefer the usual Reverse Proof !! I wonder what they use to make this frosty effect because just after strike we can’t see it on the coin.

  5. hotneo7 says:

    That’s crazy they made a separate machine to make a one-off piece that won’t even be for sale. Then the machine gets taken down after the coin is made. What they should do is put in a pancake and sell the edible replica at the gift shop. Roll it and fill it up with ice-cream in the dragon waffle cone.

  6. wayne Hutsul says:

    you need a wheelbarrow to push this to the beer parlour

  7. wayne Hutsul says:

    got any change?

  8. wayne Hutsul says:

    thats a helluva lot of pocket change!

  9. TheyRiseBand says:

    “And then, there’s the 10 kilo Dragon coin, made from 99.99 percent pure tungst… er…gold.”

  10. carminecar says:

    If you buy molybdenum and get stuck with low prices, you can at least fertilize farmland with it. Although i agree any metal is the best way to hold wealth

  11. NumisUSA says:


  12. Sheograthkiller says:

    That gold coin is jizzington central!

  13. Ryan Henke says:

    That’s what I was doing in my head too. Damn. I would rather have it in one ounce rounds and fractional gold coins.

  14. Nordichabs says:

    why would you robbed someone who made a honest fortune? what is moral about that?should we live in fear and seclude ourselves from society? you make no sense.

  15. Yoyoloki888 says:

    I got the gold today!!!!!!!!

  16. Bass Masters says:

    Just placed my special order for the silver today!

  17. Sarov452 says:

    The gold one.

  18. AnixCo1990 says:

    Why?! I know most poeple that have this kind of money r scumbags, but the silver 10 kilo coin is way more affordible than the gold one, I would imagine it to be in the $7000-$9000 USD price range.

  19. willz horton says:

    Anyone who has the money for one of these needs to be robbed

  20. AgBlizzard says:

    Dear Santa…

  21. DCLOVESILVER says:


  22. IrixGuy says:

    I need to add a few of these to my stack!

  23. ozgoldandsilver says:

    I wish you’d concentrate on delivering what the vast majority of your customers are crying out for.

  24. jayrush01 says:

    10kg is 22 pounds for all those people stuck in the 1700’s… (Americans)

  25. cathari5 says:

    i gotta get me one of those , but which one ? decisions decisions

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