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Canada: 60th Anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement Silver Dollar

The Royal Canadian Mint have launched a coin which remembers both Canada’s participation in the Korean War (1950 – 1953) as properly as the armistice which was agreed to in 1953 which brought the hostilities to an finish. Although the armistice did not mean the war had concluded, the agreement, nonetheless in spot these days – guaranteed each sides the potential to create their societies, economies and governments in peace.

The Korean peninsula had emerged from the Second World War as a nation who had endured decades of occupation from Imperial Japanese forces. The northern half of the peninsula was advised by communist forces in China who had prevailed in 1949 by securing a victory over Republican forces led by Chang Kai Shek. The southern half of Korea had selected a path of democratic principles and it was this side which United Nations armed forces supported in their endeavors for a government free of charge of communist influence. Armed forces from a lot more than 14 countries who made up UN forces fought against North Korean and Communist Chinese forces along with South Korean armed forces. On June 27, 1950, The United Nations adopted Resolution 83, recommending that members of the United Nations supply assistance to the Republic of Korea “to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security to the area.” The United Nations Command and the Chinese-North Korean Command signed the Korean Armistice Agreement on 27 July 1953, ending the heavy fighting and recognizing the 38th parallel as the demarcation border, also nevertheless in force nowadays.

60th Anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement Silver Dollar

The coin which highlights this anniversary is a replica of the actual Commonwealth medal awarded to soldiers from the commonwealth who served in the conflict. The reverse consists of a depiction of Edward Carter Preston’s original design and style of Hercules, feted warrior of Roman mythology, slaying the indomitable hydra-headed monster. This image is an allegory for the perilous struggles of war, and a tribute to these who freely go to battle. The original engraving of “KOREA” on the medal has been expanded to include “CORÉE” reflecting Canada’s official status as a bilingual nation. The obverse characteristics the very same effigy that appeared on the original medal, that of Mary Gillick’s 1953 portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which was in use on Canadian coins in this time period.





Good quality


1 Dollar

.999 silver

23.1 grams

36 mm.


10,000 pieces

By preserving the central design of the original Korean War Medal awarded to Commonwealth forces who served in the Korean War and donating element of the proceeds from the sale of each coin to Canadian Korean War Veteran organizations, the Mint is remembering and thanking thousands of Canadian men and girls for their historic efforts and sacrifices.

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