Coin Minting Process – Quality Silver Bullion | Silver Coins

Coin Minting Process – Quality Silver Bullion

For over 12 years we have been perfecting our minting process, to provide the highest quality minted pieces. We are constantly updating and refining our proc…
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25 Responses to Coin Minting Process – Quality Silver Bullion

  1. localdallasgold says:

    So cool to see the silver minting process.

  2. Kirby Kirbson says:


  3. Bass Masters says:

    Turns out it was on my end! Great vid! Cheers!

  4. Bass Masters says:

    this video is currently unavailable is showing…..damn, wanted to see this one!

  5. QualitySilverBullion says:

    Is there a particular coin that you are referring to, or is this a hypothetical question?

  6. QualitySilverBullion says:

    Send us a personal message with your email address and we will email you the details of custom minting. Thanks for your interest!

  7. Angus Tang says:

    can i has a coin?

  8. QualitySilverBullion says:

    We do provide custom dies and our minimum order on a custom minting run is 200 pieces. It would be difficult to stamp rounds by hand. Do you have any kind of a press that could work?

  9. sonofsam717 says:

    Do you make custom dies? I have a design I put together. What’s the minimum to have stamped? Can I buy the custom dies from you and stamp blank rounds myself by hand? Is that even possible?

  10. QualitySilverBullion says:

    Thank you Ostrich! I’ll look into it further. Take Care!

  11. ostrich101ful says:

    Well I bought from apmex before and they shipped by USPS whiched switched over to canada post express and when i bought from royal silver mint they used USPS and Fedex and Canada doesnt tax silver coming through the border, and usually the shipping charge is between 15 – 40 dollars depending on weight too. Im pretty sure priority mail is the best way, just make sure you get the money first lol………

  12. QualitySilverBullion says:

    Thanks for watching, and good for you that you’re investing in precious metals. If you have any questions that we can help with just let us know! We want to be your favorite mint! 🙂

  13. QualitySilverBullion says:

    We do not ship outside the US because of problems we have had shipping internationally. Have you had precious metals shipped to you from the US? If so…How much silver/gold was it?… How was it shipped (FedEx ground Insured, UPS…)? …Did you have to pay Duties or Taxes on your end? …How much were you charged for shipping?

    We have looked into shipping outside the but have not found the right solution that provides both security and affordability. Any Thought?

  14. ostrich101ful says:

    Do you guys ship to canada?

  15. MANvsTheINTERNET says:

    Create commemorative “Crash JP Morgan” rounds and market them to all the people in the “occupy” movement.

  16. Hamid Mosayebi says:

    @QualitySilverBullion would you please send me your contact?

  17. Hamid Mosayebi says:


  18. Myles Fitzgerald says:

    New viewer, subscriber, and investor, first off holy crap your actually like a big time mint, I am slowly picking up silver and gold at this point, between Morgans, peace, and walking, basically Us and Canadian 90% coins, and a few engelhard bars, however looking for a company I can trust and buy from didn’t think I’d find on YouTube

  19. QualitySilverBullion says:

    Thanks rackley!

  20. QualitySilverBullion says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  21. LacusTheDestroyer says:


  22. Raymond. R says:



  23. ronterry1076 says:

    That is awesome! The only regret is I never bought from you guys? I might change that pretty soon…
    BTW: Guys there is an old engineering phase that goes like this; Speed, Quality, and Cost. Pick 2!!!

  24. rackley98052 says:

    I love your videos, very informative. Great products even if they are a bit more expensive. Doing a great job guys.

  25. Raycheetah says:

    Thanks for giving us a peek into the minting process. =^[.]^=

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