Let’s Open This MONSTER BOX OF AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES Together! | Silver Coins


500 OUNCES OF PURE SILVER INSIDE! Watch as I Unwrap and Open a Monster Box of Newly Minted 2009 One Ounce American Siver Eagle Bullion Coins. 500 Ounces of S…

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25 Responses to Let’s Open This MONSTER BOX OF AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES Together!

  1. Abraham Collins says:

    Are you a metallurgist? Thought so.

  2. vVlolwutVv says:

    Alloys in silver are what make it so reactive. Pure silver will not tarnish.

  3. themicmac88 says:

    @ brooks thornhill. I feel bad for you, really. You fell for the graded coin scam! I rather have 2 eagles bullion coins than 1 MS70 graded eagle coin any day. Silver is silver who cared if there not a scratch on the coin seriously it’s bullion!!! The graded coin scam was founded to make some companies rich as they fool people into believing graded coins means something please. You seem to be very smart and I’m shocked you fell for that scam. Wait you are now are a scam because you work for them!

  4. themicmac88 says:

    @brooks thornhill. You sound like a moron. He bought the wrong silver. I’ve bought the right silver for tax purposes! Eagle bullion is tax free when you sell it. So you can keep your dumb options to yourself. Yes their is cheaper silver to buy even at the company that he got the eagles from and that silver is called stagecoach!

  5. jlk99us says:


  6. MuzzleBlast357 says:

    I think all silver should have 10% alloy to prevent coins from turning black…plus they wear much better. I despise the bastards that made our money out of cheap alloys, making it worthless but for the trust people put in it.

  7. GreatestSurvival says:

    This is how we do it in the Ruuusian space center…. HAHAHAHA 😀 Nice viiideo, thank you for sharing this silver porno (all in Russian voice)

  8. ayron711 says:

    Not if purchased from the U.S, Canada or Mexico 🙂

  9. Torgo1969 says:


  10. TiredOldFart says:

    He says 2009’s but I hear 1977’s.

  11. Laughtime says:

    Miss seeing 9999 like on the maple leaf… but hey still silver..

  12. mikez565 says:

    awesome monster box video….i wish i am as fortunate in the future.

  13. cowtippingrocks says:

    Here in Canada theres no taxes on fine silver.

  14. Physics Outlaw says:

    AWESOME video. Love the silver eagle. I just unboxed some myself. Come check out the video 🙂

  15. RkicF8 says:

    Never seen anyone take a cap off a tube like that, lol, you are magic. Watched alot of your videos, amazing, really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Jelle Bosmans says:

    So what you are trying to say is that in London you pay 20% taxes on new coins but if i want to buy it form you I will only pay the spot price not the 20% taxes?

  17. silver john says:

    i live in london we pay 20% vat on silver but on second hand coins there should be no vat only on coins on any size check it out with local coin dealer

  18. Jelle Bosmans says:

    I also believe in the benefits of silver, but I’m form Belgium and investing in gold right now because on silver I need to pay 21% taxes, you know how I can get it without taxes or atleast at a lower percentage?

  19. silver john says:

    yeah but for a family with good earning its not that much plus there 100 million millionairs if just 1% buy a monster every year that would give silver the edge

  20. Jelle Bosmans says:

    Only 1 million buy only 500, that’s quit alot actually.

  21. loh1110 says:

    Question: I just got my first roll of ASE and noticed they are still in its mint tube but some coins have scratches caused by the edges of other coins. Did some of your coins have blemishes? Thanks

  22. Nicholas Robinson says:

    Totally agree, a fool and his money are soon parted.

  23. cooldog60 says:

    I think one day and maybe soon they will wish they would have listened to you.

  24. EpicRV says:

    Where did you go! Your videos are great! Hope you put out more soon!

  25. silver john says:

    lol if only 1 million familys bought a silver monster box every year can you see the price sky rocketing

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