Silver Silver Silver…Coins and jewelry…. | Silver Coins

Silver Silver Silver…Coins and jewelry….

Silver Silver Silver...Coins and jewelry....

A few random hunts the last couple weeks….If you fellow detectorists don’t know the the others mentioned in my video you should check them out…Barry’s ch…
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25 Responses to Silver Silver Silver…Coins and jewelry….

  1. Metromess Digger says:

    Congratz on the win, and thank you DigDug for doing it. GL&HH, Sub’ed ya, see ya Richey.

  2. TulsaPllTbFndr says:

    that was a lot of really good finds. I really liked seeing all of your relic type items that you found. Also i was amazed to see how nicely the sand had preserved those wheat pennies. looked really nice. just now found your channel and i sub’d ya. lookin forward to watching more of your videos!

  3. Mike Denton says:

    It always seems like the people who have YouTube channels win the contest from other YouTube channels

  4. diggingtreasure1 says:

    LoL About the Canadian pennies. I live about a half hour from the bridge.

  5. Etracing Ohio says:

    I just checked out you channel as well your going to love that CTX…I use an Etrac but Barry,Who I hunt with loves his…Good luck And HH from Ohio(unless your from Ohio..Then I guess it just HH)

  6. Etracing Ohio says:

    I was really supprised to find them on the beach…I had the 13 inch coil on my etrac and they were all 10 plus inches…I did find a few mushrooms and so did my wife…I always love coming up to Michigan….

  7. Etracing Ohio says:

    Thanks Tommy…Keep digging them silvers(and Canadian pennies)

  8. Etracing Ohio says:

    You call them unique..I call them a sore back…It is nice to find those old relics they tell a story of the old school

  9. Etracing Ohio says:

    When I do finally find one I wont even be able to post the video because of all the profanity….

  10. Etracing Ohio says:

    Thanks…I got me a one of a kind …Dugvincci…

  11. Etracing Ohio says:

    That’s what I keep saying(lying)to myself…

  12. Etracing Ohio says:

    I’ve done pretty good all month..went Walleye fishing on the first and caught a limit of 6…Went to Indiana and hunted with Jim Kenson,Jack Squat Digger and RealRedRebel…Went to Michigan and found sopme Morel mushrooms…And still had time to detect a lot of history(coins Jewelry Relics)….Thanks again for the Picture and the contest…HH from Ohio

  13. Etracing Ohio says:

    2001 Tundra…There’s been more money in gas put thru the truck than the original purchase price….My Michigan mushroom trips are always rough on it…This year I ripped off my drivers side running board(passengers side 2 and 3 years ago) broke a lower engine cover and knocked the gas tank loose.It was in the shop in Mich. for a few hours this year…But man was it fun

  14. Etracing Ohio says:

    Thanks…May’s been a pretty good month..

  15. Etracing Ohio says:

    Thanks, I hope you guys have a great holiday also…HH

  16. MetalDetectorMatt68 says:

    Just found your channel. Great stuff. HH!!!

  17. RiverRat2013 says:

    Great hunts, looks like theres old coins on the beaches wherever you go in Michigan:) Hope you found lots of mushrooms while you were up here, GL out there, Axel

  18. diggingtreasure1 says:

    Congrats on the contest win.

  19. fortunefinder1337 says:

    Nice finds, think you find more unique items in one dig than I find in an entire year.

  20. realredrebel says:

    Congrats. Great finds. Barry has the luck of Liberty this season. Hope you find one soon.

  21. wildmatt1 says:

    Nice finds. Congrats on DigDugs contest win.

  22. Jim Kenson says:

    Congrats on all your finds. That silver ring is better than a SLQ…HH

  23. 805DigDug says:

    Hahah Really happy you decided to keep the drawing! 🙂 hahah but for now while im not famous and the drawing isnt worth money..I hope at least it can bring you a smile! hahah WOW OLD MONEY ON A BEACH! Man i wish i had the age you guys have out there! the only thing going good for us here is the beaches not to much on age all the treasure! especially the Aged treasure! Very Cool TOY SOLDIER Wow seems like you and your friend did good this week! GL and HH Your Pal Jeff in Cali!

  24. CoinHunting Drew says:

    What kind of Toyota & year do you drive? My moms car (in which she’s going to be giving to me pretty soon once I start driving) is an ’01 toyota camery. My parents have always had toyota’s since the early 90’s, and the ’01 has currently about 115K miles, and hasn’t broken down yet. (At least not in our 8 years of owning it, since we bought it as a used car in ’05)

  25. Dude Hammer says:

    Very nice finds,

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