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The silver coins of Germany/Austria

The silver coins of Germany and Austria Germany: WW2 coins: 2 Marks: 1934-1939, .625% fine 5 Marks: 1934-1939, .900% fine 5 Marks, 1951-1974, .625% fine +Com…

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4 Responses to The silver coins of Germany/Austria

  1. Pedro Mendes says:

    Good Coins!
    look my collection (Germany Coins MY COLLECTION*) and (Nazi Germany CoinsMY COLLECTION*)

  2. ronronronronrooooon says:

    That’s pretty strange you say that. I find that the Nazi coins are the ones that go for a premium. Look for one of those WWII 5 Mark coins on eBay – while the coin contains something like 12 dollars worth of silver at today’s price, they don’t go for less than 30 dollars. Even the 2 mark coins command a similar premium. By contrast, I was able to get some pre-WWI silver 1/2 and 1 Mark coins at a much better price.

    I think most people simply have a fascination with Nazi stuff.

  3. mcrfuse says:

    Nazi’s are fucking badass, if jews don’t want a coin just because there is a swastika on it they can fuck off and go in a gas chamber

  4. TheSilverlover999 says:

    Maria theresa Thaler is a very beautiful coin and has a pretty good silver content. Good for investment in Silver. there are many of Maria Theresa Thaler in Middle East countries too.

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