Gainesville Coins Review Unannouced [ unboxing .999 fine silver 1oz Buffalo round ] | Silver Coins

Gainesville Coins Review Unannouced [ unboxing .999 fine silver 1oz Buffalo round ]

Gainesville Coins Review Unannouced [ unboxing .999 fine silver 1oz Buffalo round ]

Spur of the moment unannouced unboxing from Gaineville Coins.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Gainesville Coins Review Unannouced [ unboxing .999 fine silver 1oz Buffalo round ]

  1. leolookingup says:

    Generic coins are taking 3+ weeks, large bars much faster. I checked the website for inventory before I ordered and all were in stock and fast shipping stated, after 3 weeks I called GC and was told they were waiting on shipment. Website is misleading, it lets you think they have plenty and will ship right away, not so. BTW, above spot prices have been outrageous the past few years!

  2. loh1110 says:

    And why are you evaluating the condition of a “collectible” silver buffalo? LOL. That coin can’t even be graded by NGC or PCGS as it would be a joke.

  3. loh1110 says:

    First of all, Gainsville is a rip off compared to other online outlets such as In addition, the buffalo rounds you bought at a premium is a bad investment as you will never recoup the premium you paid when you sell it. Best thing is to buy Silver Eagles or reputable silver bars such as JM or Engelhard- these can be sold at worst case scenerio at spot for Silver Eagles and 98% for bars. Those “collectible” buffalo made by a “no-name” refiner will get 96%, best case scenario. 

  4. marco che says:

    i prefer gold and silver over a 401(k)

  5. cvenzke410 says:

    Nope, I’m speaking my mind and using my freedom of speech. You can do that as well on any topic you would like too. I can tell you haven’t followed my channel long because you would know it’s not about that. Take care

  6. silverexplosion says:

    3 days ago I got a 2 ounce Year of the Dragon…wow, thats the coolest coin I have in my collection! I also like the Dakota rounds from Provident. Fiji Taku’s are awesome also.

  7. k1000o73 says:

    Review = publicity? Little bit boring….

  8. gold maple says:

    Thank you for your videos, as they are very informative. I do not order anything from U.S companies, as I live in Canada and we have to pay not only shipping and handling, but also heavy customs. It is cheaper to buy bullion from canadian companies.

  9. Paul Ruth says:

    Got 50 of those. When the time comes, I’ll be keeping my rounds and coins for retirement and selling my bars.

  10. killersp1974 says:

    Gainesville is my go to supplier for the 999!!! No BS delays the Bank Wire transfer is simple A++ Vendor

  11. johnnieace45 says:

    I like those but still prefer coins over rounds

  12. dowhatuwill says:

    Chad, Nice video. I like the look of those rounds and the price is sure right!
    I hate to be the grammar police but there’s actually an ‘S’ in Gainesville.

  13. ArgentPure says:

    You get a hero biscuit!

  14. mrskeecher says:

    looks like one of the NTR buffalos. very affordable

  15. cvenzke410 says:

    Opening up silver never gets old and I always try to give people a little something to laugh at on my videos. “Gotta tear into it man,” classic!!

  16. METALBUG999 says:


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