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Have coins? Will collect!

Have coins? Will collect!

Old coins that is. Attempt looking beneath that old dresser, or up the attic where grandma or grandpa’s things might be stashed away patiently waiting for you to find out them. Who knows, you may locate a coin there, an old coin that – at today’s rate – might be worth a handful of dollars almost certainly 3 or four or 5, even ten occasions what the coin was worth back then.

A penny a day, is worth okay

Luckily or however, there was a shortage of copper for the duration of the year 1943 and all pennies created at that time have been minted employing steel. There were nevertheless, some Lincoln pennies that had been incorrectly minted on bronze that turned out to be blanks. A few years – or decades later -these bronze pennies became a rarity and are worthwhile. The steel ones even though, due to the fact of their commonality, are worth only in between a single to three dollars each and every.

Be aware and be wary as there are schemes where gullible coin collectors are sold coins that are copper plated in an attempt to make these pennies seem to be bronze. Also, maintain your guard up anytime someone delivers you a circa 1943 penny made out of a metallic white alloy.

Old coins are good coins

Coins, particularly the silver dollars made and circulated in between the years 1878 and 1935, are worth between twelve dollars and twenty five dollars for the circulated coins. The coins that have been not in circulation are worth significantly much more.

Meantime, those quarters, dimes, or half dollar coins produced and circulated prior to 1965, are typically made out of ninety % silver and as a result worth as much as today’s silver (with an added premium, albeit modest, place on the coin’s face worth).

Wrong pennies are right

There is a Lincoln penny issued in 1972 on which the date and the letters on it seem to have been doubled. This uncommon coin is currently worth about sixty dollars, assuming the pennies are in standard condition. The Philadelphia Mint in the course of that time period accidentally misaligned the die utilised in minting the coins causing the portrait of Lincoln to appear like it was doubled. Luckily or sadly, eighty thousand of these were circulated prior to the error was discovered.

In summary, coin collecting is similar to collecting bits of history and trivia from the past. In addition to the face worth its worth as a treasure – pennies, dimes and coins – often are worth much more in the extended run.

Silver Coin
silver coins
Image by migraines2000
Strobist: BlackBerry screen above coin moving camera left to camera correct.
8 sec exposure at f/32.

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