Metal Detecting March 7th 2013 – SILVER! – Coins Here, There, EVERYWHERE! lol | Silver Coins

Metal Detecting March 7th 2013 – SILVER! – Coins Here, There, EVERYWHERE! lol

Hunted for a little over 2 hours. Plenty of clad and a few newer silvers. Happy Hunting!

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21 Responses to Metal Detecting March 7th 2013 – SILVER! – Coins Here, There, EVERYWHERE! lol

  1. RiverRat2013 says:

    Congrats on more silver:) I always think to myself when people say a place has been hunted out I haven’t hunted it yet:) Not that I’m saying I’m better or anything, I’t just makes it more of a challenge and I want to prove them wrong LOL. HH and thanks for the sub, Axel

  2. diggingtreasure1 says:

    Thanks for the shout out Jon. Nice hunt, congrats on the rosies. Sometimes I think when someone says you wont find nothing there its because its one of their spots and their trying to discourage you from hunting there.

  3. Paul W says:

    Sweet hunt!
    Glad you didn’t show the guy what was there.
    Wonder what detector he uses?
    Nice silvers, maybe you will get some gold out of there.

  4. MetalDetectorMatt68 says:

    Great video man. My detector arrives tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!

  5. JerseyMetalDetector says:

    Good job with the two rosies. I hope this spot works out real well for you. Next time go there with a bag full of your silver coins and when nosy no it all dog walker comes by and says I told you I got it all. Pull out the bag and say no you missed a few…. I would do that just to mess with him. HH

  6. Yulelah says:

    Congrats on the rosies, wheatsn and all your finds ! Good luck on your next hunt !

  7. JDsCoins says:

    That’s my plan, keep you too tired to dig nickels! Dang, I’m glad you mentioned going to bed, I thought it was only 10.

  8. JDsCoins says:

    That one is easy. Tell them they can have the next target, point somewhere on the ground where the detector beeps (a junk signal) and watch them dig. Just make sure when they ask for your shovel you say no. It keeps them busy for about 5 minutes until they figure out they won’t find it.

  9. TreasureJack says:

    I had some kids following me around once and couldn’t shake them. I finally told them if I dug anything other than a penny I would call them over. After each dig they would shout “What is it?” and no matter what I found I would say ” What is up with all the pennies in this park”? LOL

  10. TreasureJack says:

    If you keep one upping me in the comments I am never going to get to bed MLOL

  11. JDsCoins says:

    Of course not. He was asking me which sections I had already done like he wanted to come back to the spot and finish where I left off. Only target I dug with him over my shoulder was a 5″ copper penny. If I would have hit a good silver signal I wouldn’t have dug it until he left. =D

  12. gregdiggermxt says:

    Good hunting man HH

  13. JDsCoins says:

    I know you use one, but normally people that dig with a shovel are the newbies. You really need to upgrade your look. LOL. I started using one, I remember the pain of lugging that darn thing around all day. I would get tired and end up dragging it, felt like my left arm was a mile behind me. But yeah, a lesche in sand probably wouldn’t work that good for you. It’s usually good for the type of hunting I do, but at spots like today a bigger tool would have been nice.

  14. TreasureJack says:

    Good luck.
    PS: IN essence he was jealous of your Machine LOL.
    I hope you didn’t tell him what good luck you were having.

  15. TreasureJack says:

    3 feet deep??? What is he looking for cannon balls? LOL

  16. TreasureJack says:

    I also dig with a huge shovel. It makes quick work of the plug and goes back in nicely. I only use the lesche once the plug is cut to scrap away the sides or in places where a huge shovel is banned. If I dug with the lesche I would still be looking for those two silvers from today

  17. JDsCoins says:

    Now I ran out of room! So after he asked how much my machine cost and I told him about a thousand he started talking about really expensive machines that tell you exactly what you’re digging. He said he likes the suspense of having a cheaper machine and not knowing what he’s digging. LOL. And on the other subject, I hope we all keep getting silver! I should be able to get out for another short hunt tomorrow.

  18. JDsCoins says:

    Yeah, people are so funny. He asked how deep mine goes and I said about 8 inches on a quarter sized object to keep things simple, then he said something about his going 3 feet deep. I assume he digs nothing but big junk targets, lol. He couldn’t believe the effort I was putting in digging with my little lesche. He even offered to let me use a spade he had in his car. LOL. I can only imagine the types of holes this guy leaves.

  19. TreasureJack says:

    Ran out of room: I had a guy and his son approach me at a school and say they hunted the school every weekend and I would find nothing. At the time I was using my $99 Bounty hunter. I found 5 pieces of gold jewelry around one bus bench in front of the school and a wheat cent and a ton of clad. What Universe were they hunting in lol

  20. TreasureJack says:

    I see you did like me and kept the video under 10 minutes LOL. Just amazes me all the silvers we have all recently been un-covering. All these live digs. I am going to lay down next to my plug and do a dead dig lol. You rocked on the silvers today too. We both did great on the nickles I got 9 with my Buffy.This months contest will be rad lol. And that guy that told you that you was not going to find anything lol. Thanks for the shout outs for me and Tommy.

  21. EpicRV says:


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