Spare Change Ep01: Coin collecting do’s and dont’s (gold and silver coins too) | Silver Coins

Spare Change Ep01: Coin collecting do’s and dont’s (gold and silver coins too)

Spare Change Ep01: Coin collecting do's and dont's (gold and silver coins too)

In this episode of spare change we talk about the things you need to know about coin collecting (Silver and gold coins too). We go over what type of American…
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25 Responses to Spare Change Ep01: Coin collecting do’s and dont’s (gold and silver coins too)

  1. Michael Davis says:

    Hey, I started a hobby blog site. My last post is on coin collecting. Would love for you guys to stop by and give me some feed back. Thanks! howtohobbyist(dot) c o m

  2. CoinCurrency says:

    Where to buy the 10x magnifying loop and the white cotton gloves

  3. Perla White says:

    Excellent tips thank you

  4. poui692 says:

    I fuck with my coins everyday. They are so sexy.

  5. BOOMHeadshot1006 says:

    Flips can still damage your coins its preferable to keep your coins in 2×2’s this keeps both sides visible and the coin from sliding around and scratching the field. This is a very good way of investing and I hope more people can get excited about it. !’m 19 and most of my peers think I’m stupid for spending more than 1 dollar for a dollar bill. So, please continue to educate people

  6. WavesOfVideo says:

    I found a Morgan Dollar on the sidewalk.

  7. ameeer3 says:

    Thank you for the lesson but I know all that and the thing I want to learn how can I use the 10X magnifiying glass on coins and what to look for in a coin classification MS or AU or Circulated

  8. razorknight4ever says:

    Buy some great coin albums from the following shop
    (copy and paste the link onto google if the link do not work) .TQ

  9. tvflygal says:

    Great video!

  10. stomp919 says:

    I tell ya been collecting since 1974. Lots of shady coin dealers. Wanted a bust half dollar slabbed because dealers were always lowballing grades when purchasing from me. I was amazed at all the NGC XF Bust halfs that said improperly cleaned, scratched etc. Out of 40 coins only 4 were graded XF without any damage. I like how NGC sites damage, improperly cleaned etc.

  11. tylerman1209 says:

    If i am looking to buy a slabbed coin on ebay and it is graded by pcgs or one of the oter top three you listed is it a good idea? No chacne of faking that cuz they graded it professionally

  12. cattnipp says:


  13. Kingofprinces85 says:

    The last president that is going to be on the dollar is Reagan. Unless one of the living ones die before 2014.

  14. jb9999999ify says:

    Oh, sorry.

  15. eldersprig says:

    Indian head penny. Buffalo Nickel.

  16. jb9999999ify says:

    Where’s the best place to try and find an Indian Head Nickel? BTW, very helpful video! Keep ’em coming!

  17. Oaklandraiders126 says:

    Can you do a episode about a goloid metric dollar?

  18. Joshua Dowd says:

    what about AACGS (american alliance coin grading service), or SGS (star grading service)?

  19. Justin DiMarzo says:

    wikipedia is not a really good website to get information from. they’ve been known to lie.

  20. TR0PICALST0RM says:

    I like bidding on ebay

  21. xRedxComet says:

    Hey everyone check ebay in the next few days and look for bi-centinial mint coins and u will find an excellent find

  22. IronBuddha80 says:

    There’s only one coin dealer within a few miles from me and the guy is a real asshole. He’ll charge you $25 for him to give you advise! The next nearest coin dealer is almost 3 hours away. So my collection has been coming from online from the major known dealers, what sucks about that is they’re always more expensive and also shipping fees. It’s a little discouraging sometimes.

  23. ITILII says:

    Wow, if you can buy American platinum eagle coins from the US Mint for 100, back up the truck and buy every one you can (if there’s any left after I stock up on them, that is) As of Aug. 23, the Mint website lists the price at 2092.00 !


    wat abt sgs ive never heard abt them before

  25. 15dragons says:

    Hey I am new to this but already enjoying it! One question, is it better to buy directly from the mint or buy perfect 70 certified coins from a dealer?

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